• Are S Parameters available for the HMC8191?

    Are any S parameters available (w/ or w/o hybrid) for image reject mixer HMC8191?

  • HMC8191 for the up-conversion

    Dear All,

     I want to utilize the EV1HMC8191LC4 for the up-conversion (13 to 18 GHz as LO and 100 MHz as IF). As mentioned in the data sheet for the up-conversion IF1 pin should be connected to the 90° port of the hybrid coupler, and connect the IF2 pin…

  • hmc8191 and I/Q DAC DC Coupled Line

    Hi everyone

    I want to integrate HMC8191 and AD9122 with DC coupled line for my transceiver project. For DC coupled line which design is recommended

    Should I use RF transformer to convert single ended line to differential line

    or any recommended alt…

  • RE: Replacement part for HMC521 image reject mixer


    The HMC1065 can be a good replacement as well as the new part HNMC8191.

    Please take a look at the link below for the HMC8191 preliminary data sheet

    Thank you,



  • AD9364 RX Noise Figure -- is flicker noise (1/f) reduction used in the IC?

    Hello ADI support.

    The AD9364 RX noise figure is 3.8 dB at 5.5 GHz per the data sheet.  That is excellent performance.  We plan to use that part in one of our products.

    We are using the HMC8191 I/Q mixer for another application but at 10 GHz.  I assume the…

  • RE: “芯”来乍到,求赞、求围观!


    宽带无源同相正交RF混频器系列HMC819x,支持从2.5至42 GHz的完整频谱,与当今的其他分立式器件相比,它们提供了显著优势,为需要宽带支持的各种工业应用提供了理想解决方案,包括测试和测量等应用。



  • RE: HMC520ALC4 EVAL TEST RESULT....Is it correct ?


    The LO leakage that is shown matches the datasheet specification: 15dBm (LO Drive)- 43dB (LO Isolation)= -28dBm. From what I see here the conversion gain is too low. I think you are using HMC520A as an IQ Modulator. There is a way to reject the LO…

  • RE: ADI芯情2017大回顾,有奖认领属于你的“好芯事”

    两款宽带6 GHz模块HMC7885和HMC7748,最大程度地缩减子系统的尺寸和重量

    HMC7885和HMC7748宽带模块针对2 GHz至6 GHz频率范围的应用,包括测试和测量、通信、替代行波管(TWT)、航空监控、雷达等应用领域。这些完全集成的全固态器件扩展了ADI公司现有的GaN功率放大器系列,使用方便,可以加快原型开发和系统设计。



  • 厉害了我的ADI,EDN Hot 100 占据16席!

    Hot 100 是 EDN 一项承传已久的历史活动,每年美国的编辑们都会选出当年最热门的100款产品分享给大家。

    2017 年最热的产品有哪些?EDN 编辑根据自己的判断和读者的兴趣选出了100个热门产品,其中 ADI 有 16 款产品上榜!手动鼓掌

    登上 EDN Hot 100 的 ADI 十六款产品都是哪些?它们为何如此受青睐呢,版主今天为你们说道说道~


    • LTC2358-18 SAR ADC

      LTC2358-18 是一款 18 位、低噪声、8 通道同时采样逐次逼近型寄存器…