• HMC8191 DC FEED FOR IF1/2 ?

    Hi, all.

    There is a circuit diagram of the circuit configuration of the optional LO null circuit on page 41 of the data sheet of HMC8191,

    but there is no description about the electrical specifications and characteristic examples of bias tee supply.

  • HMC8191 application as up-converter

    Hello All

    In HMC8191 datasheet at the spurious performance section, we see many N/A (means not applicable). for example in the "up converter M x N spurious Outputs", the table for (IF = 2500 MHz, RF = 16000 MHz, LO = 18500 MHz, RF power = −10 dBm, LO power…

  • HMC8191 Spurious Table

    HMC8191 Spurious. Were the down-converter spurious measured with a 90-degree hybrid or are they the individual IF outputs? 

    Thanks, Craig

  • HMC8191 NF and LO nulling

    Hello ADI support.

    For the HMC8191, I have  few questions:

    1.  On page 3 of the data sheet, SSB NF is listed as 9 dB typical.  What is the maximum expected SSB NF at 10 GHz for IF=100 MHz, LO = +18 dBm, LSB selected? 

    2.  Were any external filters used when…

  • HMC8191 Datasheet Spurs

    Hello there,

    I've been going over the HMC8191 datasheet to evaluate characteristics for a future project.

    Looking at the spur tables I found some of the values to be curious.


    Just as an example let's look at an application…

  • IF port termination for HMC1056 and HMC8191


    The IF bandwidth for HMC1056 is DC to 4GHz and HMC8191 is DC to 5GHz.

    We would like to know how the IF ports are internally terminated for both the HMC1056 and HMC8191 I/Q mixer beyond the specified IF bandwidth in the data sheet. 

    Our main concern…

  • HMC8191 LO Input power

    I was looking into the max DC power the LO pin on the HMC8191 mixer can take. I know from the data sheet there a max 24 dBm on the LO pin, but I believe this refers to AC drive strength not a DC voltage found on the line. The data sheet says in the pin…


    We have got HMC8191. When we apply LO signal to 23 pin we have no response in the IF outputs. So we tried to send a 12 Hz 15 dBm signal to various inputs.
    When we apply LO signal to 24 pin we have some response in the IF outputs.
    But when we smoothly reduce…

  • Are S Parameters available for the HMC8191?

    Are any S parameters available (w/ or w/o hybrid) for image reject mixer HMC8191?

  • HMC8191 for the up-conversion

    Dear All,

     I want to utilize the EV1HMC8191LC4 for the up-conversion (13 to 18 GHz as LO and 100 MHz as IF). As mentioned in the data sheet for the up-conversion IF1 pin should be connected to the 90° port of the hybrid coupler, and connect the IF2 pin…