• RE: HMC8108 bias sequencing


    For the biasing sequence please look at the Apps section (page 15) of the HMC8108 Datasheet. Link below:


    For the bias controllers please take a look at this page:

  • Question about MIX_VG of HMC8108


    My customer reviews the datasheet of HMC8108  and find some confusion.

    Please refer below question and let me know your answer.

    About value of MIX_VG

     As page 4 (ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS),  the rating of MIX_VG is -2V to +0.15V.

    And as page 15…

  • HMC8108 input ATT reaponse time


    I received a question about the response time of input ATT of HMC8108 from our customer. The customer would like to know the response time when we change the VCTRL from 0V to -1V and from -1V to 0V. Do you have reference data of them or any information…

  • 90 degree Hybrid Coupler


    My customer is considering to use HMC8108 for marine radar. They would like to have the information about 90 degree hybrid coupler shown in the our measurement diagram below. Could you let me know what the part or module name ?

    HMC8108 Circuit Diagram

    Keiichi Okuji …