• HMC807 EVB schematic bug

    Original Question: HMC807 EVB schematic bug by ray.wang@mtigroup.com

    I found HMC807 EVB schematic have a bug.

    The EVB schematic part index C62 is DEPOP.It should be 0 ohm.Am I right?

    Verified Answer: RE: HMC807 EVB schematic bug by MRichardson

    You are…

  • HMC807 - Ring Oscillator frequency / Digital Lock Detect window


    I'm wondering what is the frequency of the HMC807 internal ring oscillator?

    In the "pll_operating_guide_mwave_vcos.pdf" for the HMC807 it says the digital lock detect window length depends on following bits configured in the register…

  • HMC807 phase Noise


    From HMC807 datasheet page 4. It show loop BW=100K & Reference=50MHz is better than BW=10K & Reference=10MHz .

    My question: Is the loop BW=100K is good design or Reference =50MHz is good? I think the reference frequency should not effect the…

  • HMC807 Phase Detector frequency

    HMC807 Question:

    My reference is 10MHz sinewave,What is the Phase detector Frequency?

    10MHz sinewave is ok for HMC807?

  • HMC807 Phase Noise performance

    I use SIMPLL simulation the HMC807.

    I get wose phase nosie than data sheet showed.

    We have own reference 10MHz performance as below:

    Simulation result:

  • HMC807 EVB Loop filter simuation

    Caoul you support ADLsimPLL simulation file  for "hmc807lp6ce_eval_pcb_schematic loop filter" congiguration?

  • Multiple HMC807 on one SPI bus / Lock Detect

    We are using 8 HMC807 Devices on the same SPI Bus. My question pertains to how we can use the lock detect function when all the devices are sharing the same LD_SDO Line. 

    Using the Evaluation Board and GUI, I have found that the Lock detect can be disabled…

  • RE: HMC807

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  • HMC807 PLL model file

    Hi all,

    Our customer will plan to design the HMC PLL Design Tool @ HMC807 filter.
    But the HMC807 PLL model file is empty.

    ADIsimPLL can not support the HMC807.

    Would you able to provide the HMC807 PLL model file?

    Best regards,

  • I wonder HMC807

    Hi. I am using HMC807.

    But Pll lock is released by low temperature. What should I do? and could you chack setting of regiseter Send you? We are taking Ref 50MHz signal and shoot 13GHz output.