• HMC8038

    With reference to the above mentioned part.Please let me know,whether the RFC and RF1,RF2 pins can withstand a voltage of 24V?

  • RE: Low frequency operation of HMC536



    If you need an SPDT switch that provides P1dB >10 dBm down to 10 kHz without requiring negative supply, I would recommend you to look at HMC8038.

    The HMC8038 is specified from 100 MHz because its performance degrades below 100 MHz. However we…

  • HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038

    I reviewed the specifications for HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038. I understand that HMC8038 is newer.
    We would like to use one of these switches at 10MHz. The signal is not a pure sine tone, but is closer to the square way.
    Thus, the subharmonics will extend…

  • RE: HMC349

    Hi saigupta,

    What is the power level you are looking to operate at?
    The HMC349ALP4CE can be used at 10kHz with degraded power handling and linearity.

    Instead, I would recommend the newer pin-compatible silicon alternative, HMC8038. The HMC8038 also has…

  • RE: what is rise time and fall time of HMC849ALP4CE and HMC8038?


    Thank you for the answer, it is very helpful.

    Indeed, I now question whether I can slow down these "rise time" and "fall time". I need each of them to be minimum 50 ns. HMC8038 measurement results seems to be closer, therefore would you please…

  • RE: what is rise time and fall time of HMC849ALP4CE and HMC8038?

    Hi Sinan.Onat,

    The typical rise and fall time for the HMC8038 is ~35-40ns.

    The typical rise time for the HMC849A is ~60ns

    Please note, there will be some part-to-part, and process variations. The GaAs process (HMC849A) will have more process variations…

  • Request additional spec. of HMC8038 related ATE


    Our potential customers (related ATE) are interesting to HMC8038 among new ADI silicon relay solutions.

    They are reviewing specifications of HMC8038 for applying their ATE system.

    And for confirming this, they need additional specifications…

  • Pin compatible between HMC8038 and HMC349


    I think HMC8038 and HMC349 are pin compatible devices except for frequency range and supply voltage.

    Is it right ?


  • HMC8038 Power Up Sequencing

    For HMC8038 normal operation, power up sequencing need to be followed as per datasheet?

    Ideal power-up sequence is mentioned on page no. 9.

  • RE: protection switch for magnetic resonance



    HMC284A is a GaAs switch. I am note sure if GaAs is a suitable process for magnetic resonance device application.

    You can also look at HC8038 which is absorptive SPDT switch in SOI process. HMC8038 can meet your application requirements except for…