• RE: Low frequency operation of HMC8038


    Your power levels are safe at 40MHz and 80MHZ

  • HMC8038

    With reference to the above mentioned part.Please let me know,whether the RFC and RF1,RF2 pins can withstand a voltage of 24V?

  • HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038

    I reviewed the specifications for HMC349ALP4CE and HMC8038. I understand that HMC8038 is newer.
    We would like to use one of these switches at 10MHz. The signal is not a pure sine tone, but is closer to the square way.
    Thus, the subharmonics will extend…

  • HMC8038 Isolation Problem ?

    I observed a problem about the SW HMC8038. When I measure the IL from RF1 to RFC (RF2 terminated with 50 ohm), I measure 1 dB for VCTL = 1 and  41 dB for VCTL = 0 at 1.5 GHz. That means the isolation is about 40 dB but should be higher. 
  • HMC8038 Power Up Sequencing

    For HMC8038 normal operation, power up sequencing need to be followed as per datasheet?

    Ideal power-up sequence is mentioned on page no. 9.

  • Pin compatible between HMC8038 and HMC349


    I think HMC8038 and HMC349 are pin compatible devices except for frequency range and supply voltage.

    Is it right ?


  • Request additional spec. of HMC8038 related ATE


    Our potential customers (related ATE) are interesting to HMC8038 among new ADI silicon relay solutions.

    They are reviewing specifications of HMC8038 for applying their ATE system.

    And for confirming this, they need additional specifications…

  • Harmonic level of ADRF5044 and HMC8038 switches ?



    What is the second harmonic level of ADRF5044 and HMC8038 switches ?

    Test conditions are an input CW signal at +13dBm with frequency between 2 and 10 GHz.


    Thank you for your help,


  • Power supply requirements for VDD and Control Voltage for HMC8038


    We are using the HMC8038 RF Switch Evaluation board in a concept to switch between TX/RX to Antenna.

    For Supply and Control voltages to the HMC8038, we are tapping off the +5V supply from HMC981 Bias controller for a HMC8410 LNA device.

    What are the…

  • what is rise time and fall time of HMC849ALP4CE and HMC8038?

    I question the Trise and Tfall of the HMC849ALP4CE and HMC8038 switches. I need Trise and Tfall measurements separately because I have a spec. of 50 - 100 ns for Trise and 50 - 200 ns for Tfall. Trise is defined as 10% to 90% of a 1 GHz signal, and Tfall…