• About the reliability of the HMC7992

    Good day! Could you share your data on the reliability of the HMC7992? The calculator (www.analog.com/.../wafer-fabrication-data.html) does not produce any data for the product and for the series.

  • HMC7992 Use For USB3.0 Switch

    Dear All:

    HMC7992 we design on USB 3.0 data bus switch ,but USB2.0 test fixture simulator to fount rise time waveform abnormal ,why is there such a problem and why ,have any suggest to me refer. thanks...



  • About the operating time of HMC7992

    Hi everyone who care HMC7992~~

    We have some question about the HMC7992。

    1、what’s mean about the SWITCHING SPEED in the datasheet Page 3 of 13?

         “ tRISE and tFALL” means the rise and fall time of “digital control inputs ” ?…

  • HMC7992的控制信号

    1、关于datasheet中SWITCHING SPEED 的Rise Time and Fall Time  是指的控制信号的上升下降时间吗。

    2、On Time and Off Time   和下面的RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) SETTLING TIME 有什么区别



  • About the HMC7992's power handling

    Hi everyone.

    What's mean about the "High power handling"  in the datasheet of HMC7992. Can I think it is the P1-db equaly in some time. 

    BR to you

  • max switching frequency for RF switch HMC7992 / ADRF5250


    I'm looking to use either the ADRF5250 or more likely HMC7992 in a switched RF system and need to know the maximum switching rate the switches will tolerate. I can see the RF rise and fall times and RF switch delay in the data sheets but wonder if…

  • HMC7992 Switch through path Maximum power handling for OFDM


    We are planning to use your SP4T Switch part: HMC7992 for our frequency range of 4 to 5GHz where the maximum input power (rarely) expected is +29dBm (Avg) with PAR value of 6dB (Peak will be +35dBm) due to OFDM signal.

    This input is connected only…

  • HMC7992 Switch Time Test

        In HMC7992 DataSheet ,The Switch Sppeed is 150ns(10%/90%RFout,TYP),My Question:How Many Power Level Input the HMC7992 Switch When Test the Switch Time.In the HMC7992 Data Sheet don't explain it !

  • 关于开关HMC7992的测试问题


  • HMC7992 in 4Ch. RFID Reader

    Dear ADIer

    My customer is testing HMC7992 in 4Ch. RFID Reader.

    2 Channels(ANT2, ANT3)  work well. But the other 2 Channel shows 0.5dB less output power and half of sensitivity.

    When I try to connect SMA connector witin same pattern length, I cannot find…