• HMC7992 Frequency Range


    I'm little bit confusing about the frequency range of HMC7992. According to the datasheet, HMC7992 is Silicon SP4T Switch for 0.1GHz to 6.0GHA. But, we can see the following description in the General Description.

    "The HMC7992 has good low…

  • HMC7992 DC blocking capacitors?

    The HMC7992 port specification says "...dc blocking capacitor is required on this pin". In our application we have three HMC7992 devices connected to each other. The inputs to the first HMC7992 that come from the signal source have DC blocking capacitors…

  • HMC7992 Switch Time Test

        In HMC7992 DataSheet ,The Switch Sppeed is 150ns(10%/90%RFout,TYP),My Question:How Many Power Level Input the HMC7992 Switch When Test the Switch Time.In the HMC7992 Data Sheet don't explain it !

  • HMC7992 in 4Ch. RFID Reader

    Dear ADIer

    My customer is testing HMC7992 in 4Ch. RFID Reader.

    2 Channels(ANT2, ANT3)  work well. But the other 2 Channel shows 0.5dB less output power and half of sensitivity.

    When I try to connect SMA connector witin same pattern length, I cannot find…

  • About the operating time of HMC7992

    Hi everyone who care HMC7992~~

    We have some question about the HMC7992。

    1、what’s mean about the SWITCHING SPEED in the datasheet Page 3 of 13?

         “ tRISE and tFALL” means the rise and fall time of “digital control inputs ” ?…

  • HMC7992 Use For USB3.0 Switch

    Dear All:

    HMC7992 we design on USB 3.0 data bus switch ,but USB2.0 test fixture simulator to fount rise time waveform abnormal ,why is there such a problem and why ,have any suggest to me refer. thanks...



  • About the reliability of the HMC7992

    Good day! Could you share your data on the reliability of the HMC7992? The calculator (www.analog.com/.../wafer-fabrication-data.html) does not produce any data for the product and for the series.

  • HMC7992的控制信号

    1、关于datasheet中SWITCHING SPEED 的Rise Time and Fall Time  是指的控制信号的上升下降时间吗。

    2、On Time and Off Time   和下面的RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) SETTLING TIME 有什么区别



  • About the HMC7992's power handling

    Hi everyone.

    What's mean about the "High power handling"  in the datasheet of HMC7992. Can I think it is the P1-db equaly in some time. 

    BR to you

  • max switching frequency for RF switch HMC7992 / ADRF5250


    I'm looking to use either the ADRF5250 or more likely HMC7992 in a switched RF system and need to know the maximum switching rate the switches will tolerate. I can see the RF rise and fall times and RF switch delay in the data sheets but wonder if…