• HMC799 Overload Recovery

    I am using the HMC799 with APD input. As the APD can generate high currents I have used a Schottky diode connected to the input to divert some of this current. The internal bias on the CFILT pin is 2.2V when Vcc is 5V. I notice on a previous post on this…

  • HMC799 EVB - Transimpedance amplifier


    Is it possible for you to provide Altium files of the layout of HMC799LP3E EVM board. I need a full PCB layer stack-up definition and diagram with dielectric material. I also need the trace width and all information on your Evaluation printed circuit…

  • HMC799

  • Hmc799 SPICE can't be found in the model library of company's website. Can you provide one?Thanks


    HMC799 SPICE can't be found in the model library of company's website.

    Can you provide one?


  • HMC799: PD capacitance


    do you have information which maximum PD capacitance can be handled by the HMC799?

    Since I cannot see any option for external compensation.

    A second question: Do you think FR4 would work?



  • RE: HMC799 Photodiode Pre-amp

    Hi Sinan,

    I am currently using the HMC799 with a PIN PD. But, since I also need the DC output, I am operating it without the 22nF capacitors at PIN 3 and PIN 10. Moreover, the current from the PD is in the microamps range (so does not saturate the TIA…

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