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  • HMC799 feedback capacitance


    I'm working on a photodiode circuit design using HMC799. When I calculate and evaluate the noise gain, I couldn't find any information related to the parasitic capacitance of the feedback resistor. As the feedback resistor is integrated inside the…

  • HMC799 S-parameters


    Do you have de-embedded S parameter files for the HMC799?  Thanks.

    Best Regards.

  • Pin11 of HMC799


    looking at the datasheet of HMC799, the Pin11 is N/C on Functional Diagram and Schematic, but on PCB layout, pin11 is connected a capactor C11 to GND.  

    i designed a PCB without C11, the output returnloss is very poor.  is it C11 necessary?


  • HMC799 TIA oscillation


    I'm trying to build a trans impedance amplifier for the photo-diode (homodyne detector) for frequencies above 200 MHz. I used a diagram from the HMC799 Data sheet. But amplifier generates a sine signal frequency of about 640 MHz. Could you tell me…

  • HMC799 Overdrive Recovery Time

    When evaluating the HMC799 TIA on a custom PCB (not AD Eval PCB) I have been observing
    overdrive recovery times of ~30ns at the output when the input is overdriven by
    a 20mA pulse. Is this what would be expected? The trace on page 11 of the data

  • Question on HMC799

    Planning to use HMC799: can I apply +3V to VCC2, when VCC1 and VCC3 is under +5V?