• RE: FAQ: Residual Phase Noise of HMC797APM5


    Figure 1 shows the residual phase noise of HMC797APM5, measured at an output power of 23.6 dBm (PIN = 11 dBm) at 8 GHz. Figure 2 shows the baseline phase noise of the measurement setup. At all carrier offset frequencies, the measurement is dominated by…

  • Double HMC797APM5E with HMC980LP4E bias controller

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to design a circuit with 2 x HMC797APM5E with 2 x bias controllers (the right one seems to be the HMC980LP4E).

    This is my needs :

    - Amplify DC to over 20GHz signal

    - Input : 0 to 350mV and need an output 0 to 5Vmin (so P1dB…

  • HMC797APM5E Amplifier OIP2 & OIP3 data from 0.5 to 2GHz

    We are planning to use your HMC797APM5E amplifier in our wide-band circuit from 0.5 to 18Ghz.

    whereas  OIP2 & OIP3 data is not available in datasheet from 0.5 to 2GHz.

    Please provide the same to check and proceed further.

    Please provide above data…

  • Max Igg1 and Igg2 for HMC797APM5E for thermal analysis and regulator choice?


    I would like to ask for data on the maximum current capabilities of the Vgg1 and Vgg2 pins on the HMC797APM5E.

    This information will drive worst case thermal budget requirements and the decision for regulators to supply the bias.

    Thank you.

  • Could you help to show low frequency(100k-300MHz) P1dBout performance of hmc347ALP3E,hmc460LC5,HMC797APM5E?

    HI,could you help to show low frequency(100k-300MHz) P1dBout performance of hmc347,hmc460LC5,HMC797A?

    We can't find relative data description in datasheet.Thanks!

  • HMC637ALP5E Idd vs. Vgg1 && Power Up/Down Bias Sequence Problems


    I have read many questions and answers about the HMC637ALP5E and various application documents.

    And there are three questions:

    1)The same type amplifier e.g. HMC797APM5E provides a relationship between Idd and Vgg1(Representative of a Typical D…