• RE: HMC788A damaged


    We're seeing the same issue and we are using a 6.7 uH conical inductors from Piconics. We see the same sort of thing. The current draw shoots up and the amp dies. It still passes a signal through it but there is no amplification.

    It seems to…

  • HMC788A gain

    We designed the Eval board for HMC788A by ourselves, but only got 8dB gain at 8GHz while should be 12+dB at datasheet.  What is the concern for the PCB design? Can let me know the detail design information of the PCB structure?

  • HMC788A based wide band amplifiers

    Hello, I have an issue with wide band amplifiers I have built using the HMC788A biased via a TCBT-14R+ (minicircuits).

    Power supply is 5V (via a 1.8ohm resistor to the TCBT-14R+ Bias Tee )

    Input connected to antenna via a series 10nF capacitor only…

  • Inductor of HMC788A


    Have any information (manufacturer and part number) about the RF choke inductor (L1, 6.35uH) at output port??

    Our operatiing frequency is 7560MHz.




  • HMC788A: inductor for single tone @ 5GHz


    I want to use the HMC788A in order to amplify a 5GHz single tone provided by a PLL (LTC6948-3).

    I'd like to avoid using the bulky spiral inductor proposed in the evaluation board.

    Given the frequency, which SMT inductor would you recommend…

  • HMC788A-EP Gain Flatness vs. Frequency

    The gain flatness vs frequency of HMC788A-EP (Enhanced Product) looks better than the commercial grade (HMC788ALP2E). Are the two devices not the same but with different qualification.

  • Question about PCB design of HMC788A and HMC408LP3E


    My customer are considering to use HMC408LP3E and HMC788ALP2E.

    And they have some issues to darw PCB artwork related desiding size of pattern.

    Please refer below questions and let me know your opinions.

    1. HMC408E

      As Page 9 of HMC408LP3.pdf…

  • Is there an easy way to reduce the gain of HMC788A?

    HMC788A has too much gain in my LO signal chain and I believe that it is causing excessive dc offsets in my IQ demodulator. Is there an easy to reduce the gain to around 7 or 8 dB? 

  • RE: Design for 10GHz FMCW

    Hi ,

    The HMC788A or equivalent in a different frequency range( look at the RF Amplifier product value ) could be used .

    Regards Brigid.