• HMC788 Bias Inductor


    I was wondering if there is any way I can model changing the output biasing inductor (L1 in the datasheet) from a 6.35 uH inductor to a 100 nH inductor? 


  • What are Analog's long term intentions regarding Hittite parts - already they have nearly killed my product by making parts obsolete without any drop in replacement.

    I am the chief design engineer for an RF product on sale world wide that uses Hittite microwave parts. We have recently been hit by Analog announcing that HMC916 (active tripler) is obsolete and I have just finished a new design to work around. I now…

  • RE: 关于hmc8410评估板的stack up问题?



  • RE: Is there an easy way to reduce the gain of HMC788A?

    I could do this but I would prefer to reduce the amp gain. Let's say that your input power to HMC788A is 0 dBm. So you get an output power of around +14 dBm. If you only need an output power of +10 dBm to drive your LO, you can insert a 4 dB attenuator…

  • RE: HMC788A based wide band amplifiers

    Please note that I have placed 2 RF Schottky Diodes in inverse parallel on the SMA connector to limit the input power (RFinMAX of HMC788 <15dBm), also a parallel 1uH inductor in order to protect the device from any ESD. But still the problem persists…

  • RE: ADI芯情2017大回顾,有奖认领属于你的“好芯事”


    ADF4355 的寄存器设置:




  • Question about PCB design of HMC788A and HMC408LP3E


    My customer are considering to use HMC408LP3E and HMC788ALP2E.

    And they have some issues to darw PCB artwork related desiding size of pattern.

    Please refer below questions and let me know your opinions.

    1. HMC408E

      As Page 9 of HMC408LP3.pdf…

  • 12/16/2015: Full RF Signal Chains from 0Hz to 110GHz

    Presenter: Mel Conway, Product Manager, Instrumentation, High-speed & RF and Precision


    This webcast will explain ADI's new and expanded RF capabilities since the acquisition Hittite Microwave. We will give examples of the wider frequency spectrum…

  • 【在线研讨会回顾】雷达系统应用相关技术和解决方案




  • 【在线研讨会讲义PPT下载】从0Hz到110GHz的全频谱RF信号链

    此次在线研讨会阐释了自收购Hittite Microwave后ADI的全新及扩展的RF能力。我们会举例说明ADI涵盖的更宽频谱范围及其真DC的重要性。信号链外的性能同样至关重要,展示低噪声、高稳定性控制和电源元件如何改善总体RF信号性能,并将讨论完整的信号链示例。

    主要讨论天线到比特和比特到天线,信号链覆盖,即刚才提到的从真正的DC 0 Hz到110 GHz的频谱覆盖。 我会简要介绍其中涉及到的各类设备。