• HMC778 Integer Mode Freq Tuning Equation

    As shown in Functional Diagram VCO Freq always divided by 2 and then optionally can be divided by 2 again. Then equation 5 is not correct. There is no addition "divide by 2". Am i right?

    The main question is i am trying to setup HMC778 in integer…

  • Phase noise spec of HMC767, HMC778


    My customer wants to change the REF clcok of HMC767 and HMC778 from 50MHz to 10MHz.

    In the case, the customer has some questions about phase noise spec on datasheet.

        1. At REF 10MHz, unwanted spur signals were observed in SSB Phase Noise specs…

  • Hmc778

    Hi all,

    i need gerber files for HMC778 EVB.



  • How fast and How slow can we create ramp in 1-way sweep mode? for HMC778


    how can i find the Maximum speed and Minimum speed that i can ramp up in 1-way frequency sweep mode using


    i the below attached picture i want to know how small can the Tramp time can be configured.

    Thanks and regards


  • source code for the evaluation boards of adrf6755 and hmc778?

    hi , is there any source code available for the evaluation boards of adrf6755 and hmc778?

  • RE: if it's suitable to choice a clipped sinewave for HMC767 and HMC778

    )i am having the same question as you had 

    can you inform me if you got you answers and what component did you end up using with hmc778? 

  • Can I get all SPI commands set for HMC778 programming?

    I have the datasheet and operating guide documents as the following name. (from the web site)

    -. hmc778.pdf

    -. 140-00074-00_operating_guide.pdf

    Unfortunately, I don't have a HMC778 Evaluation Kit. I want to know how can program the HMC778 using…

  • HMC778 Frequency Sweep Mode


    I have a question about HMC778 from the customer.
    He wants to make the trigger at TRIG synchronize exactly with starting of frequency change.
    Then, do you have any timing specification between rising edge of TRIG and starting of frequency change?

  • RE: HMC767LP6CE - Two syntetisators parallelly on SPI?

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, this document would also apply to the HMC764, HMC765, HMC767, HMC769 and HMC778, HMC783, HMC803 and ADF5610. 

    Essentially any product using legacy HMC PLL technology.

    Best regards,


  • 关于hmc703 和hmc704的问题

    使用ADI SimPLL仿真原属于Hittite公司的 hmc703 和hmc704以及HMC778 发现  它们的归一化噪底和flicker 品质数据 和 Icp关系很大 (Icp从 50uA变到2.54mA)。

    但是HMC830 HMC832   它们的归一化噪底和flicker 品质数据  却不随着Icp变化

    HMC830和HMC704 ,HMC778 内部 原理不一样吗?

    另外 原来ADI自产的ADF4002 以及ADF5355等  它们的归一化噪底和flicker 品质数据 随着Icp变化大不?还是不变…