• HMC778

    Hi All 

    Is it possible to improve the Phase Noise of the HMC778. (9.6 - 10.8 GHz)

    The current configuration is -106/-102 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz. I'm looking for at least for a Phase Noise of -110 dBc/Hz.

    If not, Is there maybe an alternative device i can…

  • Hmc778

    Hi all,

    i need gerber files for HMC778 EVB.



  • About HMC778 PIN: VCCVCO


    I have noticed that in the schematic of evolution board of HMC778, there is an option for pin "VCCVCO2". Shown as following.

    I want to ask the function of "JP2" or is there any difference if I provided 5V to VCCVCO2 or not?…

  • HMC778 SPI Programming

    Dear Sir,

    I am using HMC778 to generate single frequency output at 10.8 GHz. I am using SPI in HMC mode to program the device and the base XTAL frequency to HMC778 is 100 MHz. Can I get the register sequence and value for this configuration ?? 


  • HMC778 Frequency Sweep Mode


    I have a question about HMC778 from the customer.
    He wants to make the trigger at TRIG synchronize exactly with starting of frequency change.
    Then, do you have any timing specification between rising edge of TRIG and starting of frequency change?

  • HMC778 RF output power too low

    Refer to HMC778 evaluation board, I have made a PLL board and its schematic is shown below. The RF output power of hmc778 should be 9dbm@10GHz. And I want to get 9-5+14=18dbm output power through a attenuation network and PA hmc441.

    The problem is the…

  • HMC778:Output signal performed bad

    Hi! I had some problems when using HMC778. Now i think i have set right values to configure HMC778, and the ouput signal seemed to be locked. But the quality was very bad and i will attach a spectrum picture of it. I have no idea what can cause this issue…

  • HMC778 - pll with integrated VCO

    hello, i would like your help in choosing a reference input clock for the HMC788 pll.

    I am a student who use this pll for a project but i don't understand what reference clock to choose.

    i know there are a lot of format for clocks and i am getting…

  • HMC778 Integer Mode Freq Tuning Equation

    As shown in Functional Diagram VCO Freq always divided by 2 and then optionally can be divided by 2 again. Then equation 5 is not correct. There is no addition "divide by 2". Am i right?

    The main question is i am trying to setup HMC778 in integer…

  • Phase noise spec of HMC767, HMC778


    My customer wants to change the REF clcok of HMC767 and HMC778 from 50MHz to 10MHz.

    In the case, the customer has some questions about phase noise spec on datasheet.

        1. At REF 10MHz, unwanted spur signals were observed in SSB Phase Noise specs…