• HMC773A

    Hello, I'd like to receive a land pattern drawing, or alternatively Gerber files of HMC773A evaluation board.


  • RE: HMC773A: Can we swap LO/IF port?


    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I'll advise to the customer getting the evaluation board of HMC773A and testing it.

    By the way, according to the customer, he has used HMC412AMS8GE and HMC292LM3C by swapping the ports before. HMC412, HMC292 and…

  • AD8354 bare die


    Do you sell this amplifier as a bare die,  without the package?

     Thank you in advance,

  • RE: HMC558


    One part to could consider is the HMC773A


    Let us know of the frequency range and specifications that are needed and we might be able to find a better fit.


  • HMC341 die

    Where can I get the S parameter of LNA HMC341 measured on die? The S papameter offered on website is the results measured on test board.

  • ltc2641 die -

    The largest temp range the DAC will operate per the data sheet is -40 to +85 C. If I get the die will it operate at -55 to 125C? I will be mounting the die on ceramic substrate.

    does the assumption that it will work if properly heatsunk although the…

  • Die Temperature

    How can I determine the die temperature of your device?

  • HMC598 Die


    Do you have a maximum power consumption for the HMC598 in die form? The data sheet shows 175 mA @ 5 volts, but it's only a typical number and I'm seeing  220 mA @ 5volts, with no input signal or output load. Thanks.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC939A-DIE

    Please provide S-parameters for HMC939A-DIE. Thanks.

  • HMC392A-Die

    I wanted to Simulate the HMC392A in Microwave office. So i downloaded its S2P file from design resources and as i performed simulation its responses like return loss is better than the datasheet but its gain is decreased to max15.7 dB after simulation…