• HMC773 upmixer P1dB, IP3?


    Using HMC773 in an up-mixer application where IF is input and RF is output, I am wondering about the input 1dB compression point and also IP3 which could not be found in the datasheet.

    Do you have any graphs regarding this or any typical value?…

  • RE: HMC773LC3B - Coupling with PA (HMC6981)


    I'm not sure how your PCB is laid out so I cannot comment on it. I'm attaching the eval board drawing for the HMC773. I suggest using a similar design for the mixer side. e.g CPWG traces, Rogers substrate, via placement etc. I'd also try to simulate…

  • RE: Mixer in die form


    I think the HMC558 and HMC773 will be a good fit for your application.

    I am not sure why you need  LO to be as high as 14.74G for the Down Converter.

    You can also take a look at the link below if you are looking for mixers at different frequency…

  • RE: HMC554 : Not Recommended for New Designs ?

    Hello, conversion loss and isolation are lower than the hmc554 .

    For a product that has to live for 15 years, it is strongly recommended to use a hmc773 ?
  • RE: Passive double balanced mixer RF/LO port swap avalable?


    For the HMC554 the LO Drive level is +13dBm. The input P1dB is typically +11dBm so please keep the RF level below this for linear performance.

    For the HMC773 the LO Drive is also +13dBm. The input P1dB is typically +12dBm so please keep the RF…

  • RE: HMC773LC3B mixer not up-converting ??

    Hi John,

    Just for your information the Die version of the HMC773 would appear to have DC coupled ports as can be seen from the table from the data sheet and the spiral inductors on chip in the picture below.