• HMC769 does not lock


    I have the HMC769LP6CE evaluation kit. I followed the instructions and loaded up the Reg. values in the evaluation software, version I then tried to set a frequency but there is no response. I am now unsure, is there a way to check that the…

  • RE: HMC769 not lock in fractional mode

    hello,i am using hmc769 to get 9840MHz in integer model.my pd is 30mhz, ref is 60mhz,but i got a sweep signal ,not a single signal.can you share  your registers data in integer model for me ?

  • RE: hmc769寄存器配置问题


  • hmc769 output is sweep signal,but i want a single point signal

    hello,i am using hmc769 to get 9840MHz in integer model.my pd is 30mhz, ref is 60mhz,but i got a sweep signal ,not a single point signal as i wanted .my registers data is follow:

    reg00   20
    reg01   4
    reg02  2
    reg03  82
    reg04  0
    reg05  ca8642
    reg06  3d3e
  • HMC769 Evaluation Software


    I am trying to get started writing some firmware to configure the HMC769 PLL.

    Being familiar with the other ADI PLL evaluation software, I want to just run the evaluation software without hardware attached, and get an idea of the required register…

  • RE: frequency sweep problem of HMC769

    Hi im using eval kit hmc767  for sweep generation.. even im not able to generate a sweep.. and the pll remains in default state generating highest possible frequency.. can u help if you have possibly generated the sweep.. and im using 8051 controller…

  • HMC769 probleme with charge pump output


    we make a board with the HMC769 with the same schematic to the hittite board but we have a problem with the HMC769. We think that the HMC769 can communicate with the 121726-2 interface but we have 5v at the output of the charge pump even if we change…

  • how to calculate register to have a good frequency on HMC769 ?


    I am programming the HMC769 by spi without your application and I have a probleme. I don't understand the VCO_TO_SYNTH_DIV 2 or VCO_TO_SYNTH_DIV 4 ? when do i change this ?

    What is it the good formula to calculate the différente register ? please…

  • How to fetch registers of HMC769 and change the content of registers using Assembly code through microcontroller C8051F360

    I want to change the content register in HMC769 using  Assembly code through microcontroller C8051F360. I am trying the example provided in  "PLLs WITH INTEGRATED VCO - MICROWAVE APPLICATIONS, PRODUCT & OPERATING GUIDE' in page No. 32. can some body…

  • What is Mcounter in HMC769?

    What is Mcounter in HMC769? This block don`t shown in the HMC769 structure.