• HMC767 low power output

    Hello, we created our own PCB for the HMC767 VCO w/ PLL. We followed the schematics of the evaluation board and everything seems to be working properly, we are able to lock frequency. The problem is that the VCO output power is quite low at around -3dBm…

  • Operation mode problem " HMC767"

    Dear Mr./ Ms.

     I am using the HMC767 PLL device,  when i chose the Integer or fractional mode the circuit works properly. and i was able to get any frequency at the operating range ( i.e 8.45 up to 9.55 GHz).

    then i tried to check different options that…

  • HMC767 dose note work properly

    Hi there

    i asked a question about the HMC767 under a title " operation mode Problem HMC767". but until now no one has answered the question.

    it seems there is a problem with the HMC767 device.

    i used this device to generate a single frequency…

  • about spi communication in hmc767

    Currently i am working on hmc767 .i have use 8051f370 as master and hmc767 as slave .problem is during spi  communication (in embedded c) i am not able to configure register because i don't get  proper syntax for transferring data on specific register…

  • HMC767 reference divider, lock detect

    Hi Marty,

    I'm struggling a bit with the EVAL-HMC767LP6CE around the reference divider 'R' and the lock detect output.

    In general, I find setting the R divider to 2 or anything other than 1 the charge pump output rails pushing the VCO to the…

  • HMC767 unstable, loop filter design?

    I purchased the HMC767 eval kit which is designed for a 50 MHz reference.  My system

    uses a 10 MHz reference, so I used the Hittite PLL design software to

    design a new loop filter.  I kept the same architecture as the eval
    board (activeC with 4 sections…

  • Source code for HMC767 and ADF5355

    Dear Sir ,

    I had tested the HMC767 and ADF5355 's EVB .

    So far, I need to have the Source code of both .

    Could you please provide it to me ?


  • Phase noise spec of HMC767, HMC778


    My customer wants to change the REF clcok of HMC767 and HMC778 from 50MHz to 10MHz.

    In the case, the customer has some questions about phase noise spec on datasheet.

        1. At REF 10MHz, unwanted spur signals were observed in SSB Phase Noise specs…

  • HMC767 Evaluation Board started showing "Lost Communication"

    I have been using the HMC767 evaluation board for a few weeks controlling it from our own DSP. Then we noticed that the frequency was not what we expected and we decided to troubleshoot it using the Hittite evaluation software. We realized that the evaluation…

  • HMC767 sweep and single tone generation through SPI programming.

    hi sir, 

    im trying to generate a single tone frequency of 8.1 Ghz and a sweep of 1Ghz (BW) by programming the HMC767 in hmc767 mode through SPI communication. I'm using STm32 nucleo board for programming purpose.

    can u please guide me on this of how…