• hmc767 PLL sweep time

    im using Hmc767 eval kit. i have swept a bandwidth of 150Mhz using two way sweep auto ramp  mode, i want to measure the sweep time. how can i measure the sweep time.  i am programing for various sweep time so i want to verify whats the sweep time im actually…

  • RE: HMC767 Eval Kit(s) - Lost Communication

    Hello Kudret, 

    I was able to get the communication going. I needed to download the latest drivers for the interface, and then restart the machine. Once I restarted, I was able to see the "Unlocked" and "Locked" feedback. 

    Thank yo…

  • RE: hmc767 sweep genaration using spi programming


    Are you setting Reg06h[7:5]=101? You can check the sweep modes given in Page 17 of the below operating guide. If this does not help you, let me know. 

    140-00074-00_operating_guide.pdf (analog.com)



  • HMC767

    我用HMC767 参考用50M 鉴相用50M时可以锁定,但是当参考改为100M,再分频出50M用来鉴相时反而不能锁定了

  • HMC767

    HMC767 参考用50M,鉴相也用50M可以锁定信号,但是将参考改成100M后再二分频出50M鉴相就不行,啥原因

  • HMC767 lock

    HMC767 I use ref 50M  pfd 50   it can lock   but if i change ref to 100M   the pfd sitll choose 50M ,it can't lock,

    when I use ref 100M with a  divide by 3 it can lock the most frequency ,

  • Hmc767 spi resgiter value using gui

    Hello there,
    Im using hmc767 eval kit.. i generate single tone frequency and sweep using gui.. and obtained the register value.. now can i used these register value as it is to program the hmc767 using micro controller through SPI and obtained the result…

  • HMC767/HMC361 Deadband

    I am using the HMC767 evaluation board connected to the HMC361 frequency divider evaluation board. The HMC767 seems to be working fine by itself but when connected to the HMC361 I see a dead band between 4.2GHz and 4.35GHz. Outside these frequencies the…

  • HMC765 vs HMC767

    Hello there,

     We are thinking in migrating a current design from HMC767 to avoid excesively low tning voltages to get 8GHz output frequency. Our idea is to use HMC765 instead but phase noise floor degradation seems to be expected. My questions are:


  • Filter for HMC767

    Hello all,

    I am starting the design of a frequency synthesizer with the HMC 778 PLL. As a reference,  I am using one design already done with the HMC 767.

    I try to understand the loop filter already done in that design. Unfortunately, the results does…