• RE: HMC767LP6CE Unlock

    Hi, Marty - san,

    The correct device model is HMC767,evaluating.

    HMC703,704 register (REG 0x07) are slight different from HMC767.
    PLL VCO Evaluation Software is Version



    Please advise to us about the REG 0x07 setting for HMC767…

  • HMC767

    我用HMC767 参考用50M 鉴相用50M时可以锁定,但是当参考改为100M,再分频出50M用来鉴相时反而不能锁定了

  • HMC767

    HMC767 参考用50M,鉴相也用50M可以锁定信号,但是将参考改成100M后再二分频出50M鉴相就不行,啥原因

  • if it's suitable to choice a clipped sinewave for HMC767 and HMC778

    Now,I want to use HMC767 and HMC778 to generate a X-band signal,  A 50MHz TCXO is intended as a reference crystal. the ESPON's TG-5500CA is a clipped sinewave output, if it's suitable to choice  for HMC767 and HMC778? or is there any other good choice…

  • RE: HMC703LP4E REFIN absolute maximum rating ?

    The HMC703 PLL is the same PLL used in the HMC767 microwave synthesizer.  You can use the guidelines from Table 3 in the HMC767 User Guide.   The XREFP voltage should not exceed RVDD+ 0.3V.

  • RE: Source code for HMC767 and ADF5355

    Unfortunately the HMC767 source code isn't available.

    You can extract the register settings from the HMC767 evaluation board control software if that's what you are looking for.

  • RE: HMC765 vs HMC767


    You didn't mention your application or the loop BW you're using so the following is assuming that REF / PFD, Icp etc. must remain as they are. 

    1) I don't recommend attempting to use the HMC767 for an 8.0 GHz application. Over process & temperature…

  • RE: I need help about EKIT01-HMC767LP6CE!

    Hi dyoung1, I did try but HMC767 hasn't work yet. Could you help me more? Please send me about the values of other registers into HMC767 worked at 1-Way Sweeps Mode. I look forward to hearing from you soon. thanks

  • HMC767 Evaluation Board started showing "Lost Communication"

    I have been using the HMC767 evaluation board for a few weeks controlling it from our own DSP. Then we noticed that the frequency was not what we expected and we decided to troubleshoot it using the Hittite evaluation software. We realized that the evaluation…

  • Filter for HMC767

    Hello all,

    I am starting the design of a frequency synthesizer with the HMC 778 PLL. As a reference,  I am using one design already done with the HMC 767.

    I try to understand the loop filter already done in that design. Unfortunately, the results does…