• RE: HMC765 vs HMC767


    You didn't mention your application or the loop BW you're using so the following is assuming that REF / PFD, Icp etc. must remain as they are. 

    1) I don't recommend attempting to use the HMC767 for an 8.0 GHz application. Over process & temperature…

  • RE: Gerber for Evaluation PCB of HMC820LP6CE and HMC765LP6CE

    I've attached the HMC820 and HMC765 gerber files.

  • RE: Output is not getting locked in PLL hmc765 evaluation board

    Hi there,

    Not sure who Richard is...my name is Marty 

    I've attached the gerber files for the HMC765 evaluation board.For future reference, these files can sometimes be found be searching EZ or by visiting the Full Product Page for the model in question…

  • HMC765LP6CE

    what is the Phase noise of HMC765 @8.6GHz and  Fref=34MHz , Loop BW = 100kHz ??

  • RE: PLL board layouts








    The HMC767, HMC769 and HMC778 share the same evaluation board. These can be found on the 'Discussion' section on the Full Product page for the HMC778 on the website (links back to EZ). I've attached…

  • How to let HMC765LPCE to identify which register to write from SPI command?

    I would like to program the SPI (LE, Data and CLK) for the HMC765LPCE by using FPGA. I would like to achieve the output frequency of the PLL at 7912.5 MHz, is it correct to let R=1, Nint=158, and the Nfrac=2^22? How does HMC765 identify if I would like…

  • Register programming sequence of the HMC765

    Dear dyoung1,

    Could you tell me what sequence do i program the registers of HMC765 and HMC820 (for example: with ADF4159: write reg R7,R6,R6,R5,R5,R4,R4,R3,R2,R1,R0)? Or Can i set registers with any sequence?

    And could you share with us  "recommended…

  • RE: HMC767LP6CE - Two syntetisators parallelly on SPI?

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, this document would also apply to the HMC764, HMC765, HMC767, HMC769 and HMC778, HMC783, HMC803 and ADF5610. 

    Essentially any product using legacy HMC PLL technology.

    Best regards,


  • HMC765 Fractional PLL with integrated VCO

    Does this has built-in Flash Memory for registers, so that at power on it will wake up at the last programmed frequency.

    I wanted to use it as Fixed Frequency Oscillator, where Serial port programming is not feasible.

  • HMC765LP6CE EVB setup issue

    Dear Sir,

    how to install HMC765 EVB software ? any procees introduce file? software version is ?

    My customer cant install , please sse catch picture.

    please kindly help provide detail information.

    Thank you veery much.