• HMC764 SPI command

    Hi All,

    How to create the /WR and RD command? In the datasheet SPI write OP the first is /WR. The /WR is zero? or other command for it?

    btw, Is I need send 32bit data to HMC764? 1 is /WR + 6bit reg address + 24 bit data + 1 bit x??

    pls help me know i…

  • Power Consumption on HMC764

    I want to lower the output power of HMC764 in order to save the power consumption.

    Could I just lower the power supply voltage for VCO? Or are there any methods to achieve this goal. 

  • Register configuration issues on the HMC764

    Find a typical register configuration for integer division.
    Now no matter how many of the registers of the N divider ,the vco are oscillating at around 7.5GHz.

    Phase frequency is 10MHz and  reference input is 50MHz.

    The following is my register configuration…

  • hmc764芯片技术支持的寻求

    第一,由于目前ADIsim软件并不支持hmc764,而hittite pll design软件现在已经不能安装使用,那么对于hmc764有没有什么辅助设计软件可以使用。


    第三,我在写入寄存器后,vco一直震荡在7.6GHZ附近,并不能通过改变N divider来改变,因此我想寻求一种整数分频的寄存器典型配置方案。


        02h <= 5d(R divider is…

  • HMC764 Lock Detector 在高溫時功能失效


         我們使用 HMC764 在零件溫度略高情況(about 50degC) 下遇到 Lock Detector (pin 33) 的電位會突然不穩定,從代表鎖定的高電位降到未鎖定的 0V,但此時的頻率輸出卻是鎖定的狀態。既使更換設定頻率,輸出一樣是鎖住不動的,但Lock Detector 仍跑到 0V (元件自己認為沒鎖住)。



  • HMC764 spurious signals

    Hi There,

    Attached, please find the file.

    This is a photo of a HMC764 evaluation board that has been set for frequency of 7437.5 Mhz in fractional mode. There are two spurious very close to the interest frequency. How can I get rid of these spurious…

  • RE: running two PLL of HMC764

    Thanks for your complete answer and good suggested solutions.

    I just wondering what is the standard for reference clock signal of the HMC764? Is it LVDS ?

    In the evaluation board of the HMC764, the reference clock signal has been connected unbalanced…

  • Phase noise data under vibration of HMC733, HMC508 & HMC764


    I received inquiry phase noise data under shock & vibration of HMC733LC4B, HMC508LP5 and HMC764LP6CE. Could you please send me the phase noise data under shock and vibration of HMC733LC4B, HMC508LP5 and HMCC764LP6CE? If you have some kind of data…

  • 关于PLL:HMC764


    在将HMC764与配置器和电脑相连后,锁定显示:Lost Communication。请问这是什么部分出问题了呢?



  • EVAL-HMC764LP6CE USB Interface Board


    I have in my drawer an HMC764 eval board (125536-3). I would like to use it but I can't find the usb interface board. I have made some research and found it's maybe an HMC-DK008. But this board is not buyable. Could you help me to find…