• VR connection for HMC745

    My customer looked into  HMC745 evaluation board and asked me

    why does he have to connect VR to GND through 10ohm resistor for HMC745 when shorting with JP1.

    In HMC744, HMC746,HMC748 evaluation board, Shorting VR is to VCC with JP1  through 10ohm resistor…

  • HMC745

    I am looking to correctly connect the output of this XOR to the input/RX of a Xilinx GTY transceiver.  From the data sheets I thought it was a simple inline cap to AC couple the signal into the GTY but in practice it is not working correctly.  Is there…

  • HMC745 question

    Dear Sir,

    I have below questions for HMC745 need your help.

    a. How much time for maximum propagation delay while input clock between 1~2GHz?

    b. For out voltage swing , if customer set to 600mVp-p that means 0~600mVp-p or +/-300mV?

        and if customer…

  • HMC745 question about input Voltage.

    hi ,

    i have a HMC745 question about input Voltage.

    in differential mode,

    If only the following level conditions(spec)  are met ...

    Does the level of the input signal matter? How Can Device Judge the Logic?

    I Don' t know about Inner Device internal circuit…

  • Single Enned input in HMC745

    Dear Sir!

    I want to use HMC745LC3 (14 Gbps, XOR / XNOR gate).

    I just want to use this high speed gate for XOR operation.

    In my application, both input data sources, A and B, are single-ended within 6~8Gbps range.

    Though some basic questions, but i…

  • XORing analog RF with digital signal using HMC745

    Dear Sir! I am a student and want to use HMC745 for a low-delay XOR operation, i.e., just as an XOR gate. My goal is to prototype a basic XOR circuit for Cryptology (Encryption) application, in which I want to XOR the 13 MHz CW (analog) RF signal directly…

  • What are output channel currents of HMC745,HMC851 and HMC940?


    My customer is considering to use HMC745LC3,HMC851LC3C and HMC940LC4B devices in their ATE system.

    And they have some questions about specifications of these devices.

    Below is a question among their questions that they want to confirm first…

  • RE: Availibility of HMC745LC3 in VCC 2V & VEE -2V

    Hi Sir,

    The customer will use HMC745 to do DDR tester.

    So need to confirm as below specification.

    Does HMC745 can output waveform as



    but the input source is -1.8~+1.5V so he want to apply 1.5V and -1.8 on VCC and GND…

  • Reliability of HMC745LC3 device at temp change.

    Hello, I'm Daniel.
    I am making PCB board using HMC745LC3 XOR device.
    The test environment using the PCB has a temperature change. (85& -5 Degrees)

    I am wondering the reliability of the HMC745 device due to temperature changes.
    For example, if you…

  • Request HMC745LC3 IBIS model


    My customer wants to use HMC745LC3 at Memory tester and they request IBIS mode of this device for SI simulation.

    Would you provide a IBIS model of HMC745LC3 device?

    Please release to me ASAP.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.