• HMC739 divider phase noise

    Do you have measurements of the phase noise floor for the divide by 2 and divide by 16 outputs for HMC739?

    Please note I am interested in the phase noise floor, not the phase noise when free-running VCO is divided by 2 or 16, as this will be dominated…

  • How to tune a loop filter for ADF4150HV operated with HMC739

    Hi, dear

    I used ADIsimPLL to help designing a loop filter, but the output signal is unsatisfying.

    The reference clock frequency is 25MHz, and the PDF is 5MHz for which R=5. 

    My desired output is 22.4GHz, so here is the spectrum result.

    Maybe there are…

  • RE: why the phase noise for the RF/16,RF/2 and RF of HMC739 are different?


    Thank you for pay attention to my question! I have solved this problem and my board is working now. 

    I previously ignored whether the supply voltage of HMC739 meets the requirement on the datasheet, I tested this voltage by chance and found that it…

  • HMC739 VCO and HMC733 Mixer output is lower than expected

    I am using the HMC739 and setting the VTUNE to 2 is to get 24GHz.  I have the output of this going to the mixer.  The mixer is mixing in a signal and is send to an SMA connector that I have an antenna attached to.

    According to the HMC datasheet of the…

  • RE: What is device-to-device variation for HMC739 tuning curves?

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • Why can I detect a large RFout/2 signal from RFout port, whose power isn't negligible

    Dear all,

    I used ADF4113HV and HMC738/HMC739 to form an RF sensor.

    A very large RFout/2 signal can be detected from RFout port.

    Although I used 50 ohm impedance to absorb RFout/2 output.

    Some details are shown in the photos.

    The substrate is FR-4, and…

  • ADF5901 VCO fundamental frequency

    Please tell me if the ADF5901 uses a fundamental 24GHz oscillator.

    I think HMC739 is a 12GHz core that is doubled, is ADF5901 similar?

    Thank you

  • ADIsimPLL ADF4159+Hittite VCO


    Do you plan to incorporate a VCO of Hittite to ADIsimpll?

    I want to see the simulation data of the HMC739 and the ADF4159.

    Best regards.

  • RE: About FSK Modulation at HMC703-EVB

    For this application some modifications are required on the HMC703 eval board.  The board comes with a HMC508 VCO which is limited to 7G output. Another VCO is required, something like the HMC739 will do the job.  This particular VCO provides a divide-by…

  • RE: Input voltage tuning speed for HMC739LP4 evaluation board?


    You might be surprised that you actually do have what you need to estimate the tuning speed. The biggest drivers are the source impedance of whatever you plan to drive the tune port with and the required change in tune voltage. The lower the source…