• HMC7357 MTTF

    The HMC7357 datasheet does not include MTTF information however the HMC998APM5E datasheet indicates a channel temperature of 175C to maintain a 1 million hour MTTF.  Both devices are GaAs pHEMT MMIC amplifiers however the HMC998APM5E is wideband and operates…

  • HMC7357 Load Impedance


    Can your provide any information on the range of output loads over which the HMC7357 is stable?  The data sheet does not appears to contain any stability information.



  • HMC7357 failing

    I have a design that uses the HMC 7357 with the HMC 980 to control the gate and drain voltage on the HMC 7357 and after a few hours to a few days of operation I am seeing the HMC7357 failing.  The HMC 7357 is operating at 7.7V and the RF drive is 0 dBm…

  • HMC7357 wrong Maximum Ratings?


    I'm working with the HMC7357, but the maximum ratings that I've found on the product datasheet seem odd to me. It says that the Gate voltage must be tuned between -0.4V and -2V to achieve Idd=1200mA, but it's the same range that is found on the maximum…

  • Heatsink for HMC7357


    I have a question about a heatsink for HMC7357. Does ADI use any heatsink for evaluation of EV1HMC7357LP5G?

    If yes, could you please advise me what kind of deatsink do you use?

    Best regards,


  • HMC7357 bias pins

    Hello. I have two questions about HMC7357 biasing.

    1. The datasheet states that I must use just one of the Vgg pins (8 or 23). Do I need to connect filter capacitors to the other Vgg pin I don't use?

    2. Do I need to power all four Vdd pins, or also…

  • HMC7357 channel temperature

    I am trying to determine the channel temperature of the HMC7357 during operation using an IR camera.  Because the chip is mounted on a board I cannot directly measure the thermal pad temperature.  Do you have any data that relates the top case temperature…

  • Turn on/off sequence for HMC7357


    I want to use HMC7357 for a new design. I do not see on datasheet any info about turn on/off sequence for this device. On others amplifiers, it is described on datasheet the need of this sequence (for instance: HMC1121). Does this part need a…

  • Using HMC980 with HMC7357 Power Amp

    I'd like to use the HMC980 to control the power on/off sequencing of my HMC7357 but I am not sure if I want the constant drain current feature of the HMC980 since the drain current can go as high as ~1350 mA.  The questions I have are:

    1 - Is there…

  • HMC7357 does not work properly

    Hello! I am using HMC7357, 5V power supply, gate voltage between - 0.4 to - 2V, no matter how to adjust, the gain of amplifier tube is always only about 15dB?Why?