• RE: I want to use the HMC920 for the HMC7357


    Hi  Kagan:

             I  use   HMC980  to   BIAS   HMC7357, here   is    the   SCH ,refer   to    your   SCH. But  there   is   a   strange   phenomenon: After  power on   2~3s,HMC7357   has  a    about 20db  Gain,continues   about  10s   then the  signal   disappeared。 What‘s   the   most probable…

  • HMC7357 and frequency 5100 MHz


    What is the expected  output power for the HMC7357 @ the frequency of 5100 MHz? I'm going to use this from 5100 MHz up to 7.2 GHz. I've checked the datasheet that IRL, ORL and the Gain are quite satisfactory from 5 Ghz but no power mention, It…

  • HMC7357 and HMC980 - Vg voltage setting issue

    Dear EZ Users,

    I have a question related to setting minimal Vg voltage of HMC980 biasing an amplifier HMC7357.
    HMC980 has a default Vg = -2.06V , without resistor between VGATE and VGATEFB. However, HMC7357 has maximum rating of Vg between -2 and -0.4V…

  • HMC7357 amplifier with open circuit output termination?


    Regarding the HMC7357 amplifier, can this amplifier be run into an open circuit without damage or should it be protected with an output coupler in case the output is accidentally disconnected?

    Many thanks


  • HMC7357 power up sequence

    Hi , 

    Is HMC7357LP5GE required power up sequence?

  • HMC7357 Load Impedance


    Can your provide any information on the range of output loads over which the HMC7357 is stable?  The data sheet does not appears to contain any stability information.



  • HMC7357 pHEMT gate control with filtered PWM not working as expected

    Hello all,

    I am working with a pHEMT amplifier, HMC7357. To control the amp I need to supply gate voltages of -1.4 and -0.8V. Ultimately I want the gate to be driven by a microcontroller's PWM output. To do so, I am experimenting with the multiple feedback…

  • HMC7357 failing

    I have a design that uses the HMC 7357 with the HMC 980 to control the gate and drain voltage on the HMC 7357 and after a few hours to a few days of operation I am seeing the HMC7357 failing.  The HMC 7357 is operating at 7.7V and the RF drive is 0 dBm…

  • HMC7357 MTTF

    The HMC7357 datasheet does not include MTTF information however the HMC998APM5E datasheet indicates a channel temperature of 175C to maintain a 1 million hour MTTF.  Both devices are GaAs pHEMT MMIC amplifiers however the HMC998APM5E is wideband and operates…

  • HMC7357 does not work properly

    Hello! I am using HMC7357, 5V power supply, gate voltage between - 0.4 to - 2V, no matter how to adjust, the gain of amplifier tube is always only about 15dB?Why?