• HMC703+HMC733输出0.1-21GHz


  • hmc704+op27+hmc733 频综调试


  • HMC733+ADF41020  目前遇到的问题


  • HMC733 tune voltage range for 10-20GHz operation

    If I had a rail to rail opamp as a loop amp, could I use 0-21V rails on the opamp an still be able to tune HMC733 from 10-20GHz?

    The opamp I had in mind can output voltages within 0.2V of its rails.

    In other words, is 0.2V a low enough voltage to tune…

  • HMC733 eval board stack up & Layout files

    Can you give me the layer stack up information for the HMC 733 eval board?

    We are trying to make a PCB based on this part.


  • Converging time to target output frequency of HMC732 and HMC733


    My customer has measured the converging time to target output frequency with HMC732 and HMC733.

    Their target convergence frequency is Fout +/- 4MHz withing 1us.

    Test results are in below. They made  two constant temperature module with HMC732 and…

  • Behaviour of HMC733 that seem to be out-of-specs

    Hallo everyone!

    We are having problems with HMC733 in our synthesizers. When the Vtune voltage is at a level corresponding to fundamental freq close to 18 GHz we observe that the VCO generates a particularly strong sub-harmonic signal at ca. 9 GHz This…

  • Phase noise data under vibration of HMC733, HMC508 & HMC764


    I received inquiry phase noise data under shock & vibration of HMC733LC4B, HMC508LP5 and HMC764LP6CE. Could you please send me the phase noise data under shock and vibration of HMC733LC4B, HMC508LP5 and HMCC764LP6CE? If you have some kind of data…

  • HMC739 VCO and HMC733 Mixer output is lower than expected

    I am using the HMC739 and setting the VTUNE to 2 is to get 24GHz.  I have the output of this going to the mixer.  The mixer is mixing in a signal and is send to an SMA connector that I have an antenna attached to.

    According to the HMC datasheet of the…

  • PLL用HMC704,VCO用HMC733,环路滤波器怎么计算?