• HMC733


    The HMC733LC4B data sheet absolute max. spec table shows that the Vtune has a range of -1.0 to +25V, but it doesn't show that it has a power sequence or that it's refered to the VCC. If a voltage is applied to VTUNE when there is no connection…

  • HMC733

    does hmc733 have 1/2 harmonic    1/4 harmonic

    and if i want to lock from 10G~20G ,is  a single loop filter can lock ?

  • HMC733 VCO


    Two question about the HMC733 10-20GHz VCO ?

     - What is the perenity of this component, as there is no HMC733A version on the website ?

    - Does it exist a divider by two up to 20 GHz, instead of HMC447 ? I would like the larger comparison frequency…

  • HMC733 Evaluation Board

    Hello, we are fabricating some HMC733 evaluation PCB boards. We downloaded the gerber files but we can not find any information about the thickness of the RO4350, metal, neither the material and thicknes of the resist layer.

    Could anyone help us on this…

  • HMC477 and HMC733 library

    Original Question: HMC477 and HMC733 library by ray.wang@mtigroup.com

    Can please provide HMC477 and HMC733 library.I will use them to simulation PLL+VCO by ADIsimPLL.

    Verified Answer: RE: HMC477 and HMC733 library by lallison


  • Output Variation of HMC733


        I want to generate a chirp signal which sweep from 20GHz to
    27GHz. My circuit is just composed of a VCO (HMC733) and a frequency doubler (HMC576)
    and both of them are evaluation boards. When I control the tuning voltage, I should
    have a discrete chirp…

  • HMC703 + HMC733 not locking @14,5GHz


    I am using the HMC703 with the VCO HMC733, an active filter and a external prescaler HMC862A (divided by 8). 

    The REF is  100MHz and the PFD = 6,25MHz

    The loopfilter bandwidth is 300kHz and the phase margin 50° (simulation with ADSIMPLL)


  • HMC733 tuning port BW

    What is the tuning port BW for the HMC733LC4B?

  • Lock time with HMC703 + HMC733

    Hi AD experts,

    I have an issue with the lock time of the PLL HMC703.

    I made a direct measure with a mixer, a RF generator and observe the oscillation at DC with an oscilloscope. The RF generator and the PLL have the same reference. I measure a lock time…

  • ADF41513 + HMC733 out of band spurs


    I am using ADF41513 with HMC733 as my LO in my system. I noticed that there will be a fixed spurs at 5.7GHz to 6.2GHz with 100MHz spacing (my reference freq) regardless of my LO change from 10GHz to 20GHz.

    See below photo:

    1. Is the ADF41513 evaluation…