• HMC7229LS6 operating at HMC7229-DIE frequencies?


    We would need an amplifier for 35.5-36 GHz application, HMC7229-DIE has the required properties and comes in a packaged form HMC7229LS6, but unfortunately it is rated for 37-40 GHz range.

    What is the reason for not being suitable for the 33-37 GHz…

  • HMC7229 and HMC943A_Maximum Gate votage

    Dear team,

    I am suggesting the HMC7229 and HMC943A for the Test and Measurement application.

    These parts will be used at the final stage.

    I have received some technical inquiries.

    1. Do you have a application notes for  bias sequence?

    2. What is the maximum…

  • RE: 2HD, 3HD data of HMC441-Die and HMC462-Die

    Hi HM,

    Unfortunately, we do not have the 2nd & 3rd harmonic data for these parts (or the IP2 data required to calculate this) at the moment.



  • RE: HMC-ALH435-DIE 10 Ohms on Vgg1

    Is there anyone can help with this?


  • ltc2641 die -

    The largest temp range the DAC will operate per the data sheet is -40 to +85 C. If I get the die will it operate at -55 to 125C? I will be mounting the die on ceramic substrate.

    does the assumption that it will work if properly heatsunk although the…

  • HMC939A-DIE

    Please provide S-parameters for HMC939A-DIE. Thanks.

  • Die Temperature

    How can I determine the die temperature of your device?

  • AD2428WCCSZxx die revision


    Could you kindly let us know what difference with AD2428WCCSZ and AD2428WCCSZ01?

    Our customer use AD2428WCCSZ01 first, but they want to modify to non-automotive version, but AD2428BCPZ no die revision, they confuse about it.

  • HMC341 die

    Where can I get the S parameter of LNA HMC341 measured on die? The S papameter offered on website is the results measured on test board.

  • HMC598 Die


    Do you have a maximum power consumption for the HMC598 in die form? The data sheet shows 175 mA @ 5 volts, but it's only a typical number and I'm seeing  220 mA @ 5volts, with no input signal or output load. Thanks.

    Best Regards.