• RE: HMC716

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  • Stability of Multi-stages of HMC716

    I have a stability problem and positive S11 in the amplifier HMC716. I have fabricated two stages of these amplifiers in one PCB. Between these two stages, I put 4 stages of bandpass filters chips from minicircuits. My question is what is the function…

  • HMC716 Characterization Data


    Is there a file that exists that contains the data for Gain, NF, IP3 and P1dB vs. Frequency for the HMC716LP3E?




  • RE: Differential input accepting single ended signal

    Hi Ahtran,

    Differential ADN2917 output specs are different from single ended HMC856 and HMC726 devices. You will need to review the VIH/VIL specs for chip being driven by the ADN2917 in differential mode wrt single-ended spec from HM856 and HMC716. We…

  • RE: HMC716LP3 EOL

    Hi HP,

    Basically group B parts are the ones with PDNs on the release phase.

    I`ve just sent you an email regarding the details for HMC716.



  • RE: layout pattern for hmc715lp3e ,hmc547lp3 ,HMC902LP3E,HMC451LP3E

    Hi azita,

    The Symbols and Footprints page says...

    "For additional questions or concerns, please e-mail Package.Wizard@analog.com.Do not use this e-mail for symbol and footprints requests. Thank you."

    ...so I think that requests submitted…