• RE: HMC129 part compatibility 1997rev and a 2007 rev part


    Firstly if the HMC129 is going to be used for a new design then please be aware that this part is not recommended for new designs.

    The 2 die are different due to a process change. The performance between the 2 die should be similar (isolation).…

  • RE: C band power amplifier

    A die is just a small piece of semiconductor material on which an integrated circuit has been fabricated and cut from a semiconductor wafer. You would not be able to solder a die to a PCB and make direct contact with the signal pads. You would instead…

  • Packaged Part Numbers

    Are these the correct packaged part numbers for the following die products?
    HMC913-Die = HMC913LC4B
    HMC907A-Die = HMC907APM5E

    If so, where can I locate the schematics for following evaluation boards?

  • HMC659-Die S-parameters


    Please share S-parameters of HMC659-Die.
    S-parameters of HMC659-Die cannot be found in ADI web site.

    Is using HMC659-Die with Vdd=5V Idd=100mA possible (recommended)?

    Best Regards,

  • AD825 die backside connection

    I have no indication on Backside connection.
    Which potential should I connect the backside of the AD825 die?


    You should not connect die backside. Please let die backside float.
  • RE: RH1814 Thermal Resistance

    I need to predict the junction temperature of the die (bare die soldered onto a board). Do you have any test data or thermal resistance data that would be relevant? If you have a theta JC for a packaged version of this die, I would also be interested…

  • RE: LT8490 Thermal Shutdown function


    Thank you for your answer. 

    Yes, it is described Temperature Measurement and Fault, but it is for the battery. LT8705 has Thermal Shutdown function for the die when the die junction temperature reaches 165 degree C. I would like to confirm if LT8490…

  • RE: AD8354 bare die

    It's only available in bare die. Below are some alternative devices available in die form that cover the same frequency range.

    HMC395 Gain block 0 to 4000
    HMC397 Gain block 0 to 10,000
    HMC405 Gain block 0 to 10,000
    HMC396 Gain block 0 to…
  • HMC347A-Die v.s. HMC347B

    Hi all,

    Our customers have used HMC347.
    They will consider choosing a replacement product as the stock purchased at the last time buy will be gone.
    HMC347A-Die and HMC347B are both dies, and there is a difference between suffixes A and B.
    I do not know why…

  • AD7124-8 as a bare die


    I intend to use AD7124-8 for my application. Could you please confirm if this part is available as a bare die ?