• Why are the filter parameters in the HMC7044 data sheet different from those in the EVAL-HMC7044 schematic ?

    Hi,I find the PDF1 frequency and PFD2 frequency  in HMC7044 data sheet and EVAL-HMC7044 data sheet is the same value,why their filter is different?

  • Custom board ADRV9009 Driver HMC7044 clock kernel panic: could not get #clock-cells for /axi/spi@e0006000/hmc7044@0

    Hello, working on a project with ADRV9009. Here is my dts files :

    #include "system-user.dtsi"
    &axi_adrv9009_core_tx {
    	plddrbypass-gpios = <&gpio0 114 0>;
    #include <dt-bindings/iio/adc/adi,adrv9009.h>
    &trx0_adrv9009 {

  • HMC7044 CMOS output power


    I am using HMC7044 to generate 40MHz 、800MHz 、1200MHz and 2400MHz output. The output mode is CMOS and the schematic is as follows:

    J7 is the test point.

    The test results are shown in the following table, when output frequency is 2400MHz , the ouput…

  • HMC7044 SYNC pin


    I am using a HMC7044 in a custom board.

    The HMC is connected to a 10MHz oscillator through OSCIN input. It is configured to use the high VCO to generate a frequency of 3GHz.

    The sysref timer divider is set to 1200, so it is configured to 2.5Mhz…

  • HMC7044 vs AD9528

    I am designing a module with AD9375 RF Transceiver. i need to provide reference clock of 122.88MHz<219fs jitter.
    I came across AD9528 & HMC7044 which might meet my requirements.I calculated the Timing jitter using ADI Sim CLK as shown below,

  • HMC7044 register sequence


    I was trying to generate frequencies from hmc7044 in AD9174 EVM, i want know when to give reset registers ,reseed register ?

    any timing gap is required between registers?



  • Multiple HMC7044 Synchronization


    The lock detect in PLL1 uses the following method.in datasheet。

          PLL1 lock detect timer and looks for 2PLL1 Lock Detect Timer[4:0] consecutive LCM clock cycles with a phase-error <~4 ns to issue the lock detect.



    1. Since the phase detector…

  • Phase noise measuring instrument in the HMC7044 datasheet.

    Hi, I am testing the phase noise of HMC7044 output clock, and my measuring instrument is keysight N9020A.

    I can't get an approximation to the datasheet.

    So I want to know the models of the phase noise measuring instrument in the HMC7044 datasheet.

  • About HMC7044


    Is HMC7704 compatible with JESD204C?

    I would appreciate it if you could reply.

    Best Regards,

  • HMC7044 SPI in open-drain mode?


    I want to communicate with HMC7044 using SPI in open-drain mode. I want to use it with 1.8V instead of 3.3V, but I was confused about what resistors should be used for pull-up/pull-down. I tried 10k pull-up resistor from SDATA to 1.8V, and wrote to…