• HMC7043 minimum input frequency

    the HMC7043 says it has a minimum input frequency of 200MHz, what is driving this requirement?

    I'd like to run it with a much lower input frequency (<75MHz). The eval board seemed able to do this when looking at the output on a spectrum analyzer.…

  • HMC7043 Sine wave input


    Does HMC7043 work with sinosoidal input signals?

  • HMC7043 Sysref Single Pulse

    I am using two HMC7043 in my design. 

    Intended operation: The first stage HMC receives a sysref pulse as input from MCU and puts out on SCLKOUT7. This output pulse is then used as input sysref pulse for the next stage HMC 7043. 2nd stage HMC7043  should…

  • Hmc7043


  • HMC7043 Min operating frequency and potential performance degradation

    I would like to use the HMC7043 in a design that needs to fanout a 100MHz clock while adjusting the delay at each output. However, on this forum a previous question was on the minimum operating frequency of 200MHz according to the datasheet. The particular…

  • Single pulse of HMC7043 output are not in phase all the time


         We use a HMC7043 to generate DCLK and SYSREF to ADRV9009s. For multi-chip sync, we use the sysref as single pulse mode. But we found the sysref pulses were not in phase all the time by spi or gpi request.  We traced two channel sysref outputs by…

  • How to replace the 0x007D pin with the GPO pin of HMC7043?

    Dear Expert: Recently I encountered the following problems when using HMC7043, can you help me answer the following? 1) The 0x007D register is an error, you can use GPO to check the Clock outputs phase status, but in my clock configuration file, no matter…

  • HMC7043 with ADIsimCLK

    Why I can't find the device HMC7043 in the ADIsimCLK Version1.70.09?

  • RE: HMC7044(HMC7043) spurious of finput/2

    Hi y_suzuki,

    I've also used HMC7044 evaluation board. I've disabled all other channels in my configuration just to eliminate coupling from other channels. 


  • Can BAL-0006SMG be used as the reference clock input conversion chip of HMC7043?

    Hi all:

    Now, I am using HMC7043 to generate multiple clocks. The input clock of HMC7043 is 2000MHz, the amplitude is +6dBm, I use BAL-0006SMG to change the single-ended clock to differential clock fo HMC7043.

    Now, my board cann't generate the needed…