• HMC7043 Sine wave input


    Does HMC7043 work with sinosoidal input signals?

  • HMC7043 Power supply regulator design with HMC7043 EVM board.

    Dear Experts,

    My customer is making the power supply regulator design for HMC7043. Could you please reply to the following questions?

    Q1: The HMC7043 EVM board uses LT1963 for 3.3[V] power supplies of HMC7043. According to LT1963 datasheet, the maximum…

  • RE: HMC7044(HMC7043) spurious of finput/2

    Hi y_suzuki,

    I've checked this in the lab and I am seeing fin/2 spurious signal around ~55 dBc. The reason of the difference between you and me might be related with supply decoupling and how supplies are separated. 

    I also consulted to a colleage…

  • RE: Hmc7043



  • HMC7043 Sysref Single Pulse

    I am using two HMC7043 in my design. 

    Intended operation: The first stage HMC receives a sysref pulse as input from MCU and puts out on SCLKOUT7. This output pulse is then used as input sysref pulse for the next stage HMC 7043. 2nd stage HMC7043  should…

  • HMC7043 sync

    I need externally sync a HMC7043.  The datasheet is not really clear on the limits and the state of the outputs. 

    What happens to the outputs during sync?  I need the outputs to be glitchless during sync.  They can hold at high or low while they sync but…

  • RE: HMC7043 with ADIsimCLK


    Unfortunately, it is not available. You can use HMC7044 instead and set the PLL2VCO selection as external in the configuration page. This will provide pretty accurate results with HMC7043. 



  • Cascading Multiple HMC7043

    Dear Forum ()

    I am designing a similar system structure as the one explained in the article "SYNCHRONIZING SAMPLE
    CLOCKS OF A DATA CONVERTER ARRAY". I've designed my own evaluation PCBs and I want to use one as the source HMC7043 and the two…

  • HMC7043 GUI issue

    I downloaded the HMC7043 configuration GUI and am following the user guide. The Quick Start section at the end references a config file "HMC7043_initial_state.py" that doesn't exist in my Configurations directory, I only have the example config file for…

  • HMC7044 and HMC7043

    I am driving 10 output clocks from the HMC7044 and 10 output clocks from the HMC7043. One of the outputs from the HMC7044 is the Input clock for the HMC7043. Can all the clocks be synchronous?

    I have read several documents about having a HMC7044 drive…