• RE: About H704 lock time unstable

    Is this question supposed to be about the HMC704?

  • About "cycle Slip Prevention"?


    For HMC704

    Could you provide more detailed information about "cycle Slip Prevention"? thank you

  • HMC704

    I have a design with 3 PLLs using the HMC704.
    On first run, I am using the EVB of the HMC704 and its GUI connected in parallel to my unit.
    By itself, the EVB locks fine. It is using a VCO in the 8GHz range.
    I am connecting wires from SCK, SDI and SEN…
  • How to use the VCO of ADF5355 by HMC704?

    I have a question: When use the HMC704 to lock ADF5355.  How to connet the HMC704's CP and the ADF5355' CP?


  • Delta-sigma NF and reference buffer NF of HMC704

    Can you help support the Delta-sigma NF and reference buffer NF of HMC704?

    I can't found that in the datasheet of HMC704.


  • HMC703 & HMC704 Flicker Noise Performance @ HiK mode

    Hi, All

    I'm planing to develop a low phase noise signal generator with HMC703 or HMC704.

    When I comparing the phase noise floor performance of HMC703 & HMC704, I found the Flicker Noise of HMC703 is much better than HMC704 in HiK 6mA mode.

    The Flicker…

  • RE: HMC704 Internal Divider lowest functional frequency

    There is no RF input ac coupling inside the HMC704.  In theory the divider can operate down to dc.  In practice the HMC704 FOM degrades by 3dB every octave with RF input frequencies < 2 GHz.

  • RE: 关于鉴相器HMC704通过SPI置不上数的问题



  • the difference between hmc703 and hmc704

    the difference between hmc703 and hmc704?