• how could i get HMC703 or HMC704 verilog demo?

    how could i get HMC703 or HMC704 verilog demo?I have used the SPi mode to control the Hmc704,but it will unlocked   occasionally after power on。so i need to read the register,but i am not skilled at verilog。

  • HMC704

    I have a design with 3 PLLs using the HMC704.
    On first run, I am using the EVB of the HMC704 and its GUI connected in parallel to my unit.
    By itself, the EVB locks fine. It is using a VCO in the 8GHz range.
    I am connecting wires from SCK, SDI and SEN…
  • HMC704 IBS

    Hi all:

      i am using HMC704 and vco to generate 7.000025GHz,the PFD 100MHz, the REF 100MHz,LPF BW is 50KHz. Then i found some spurs, the spurs -30dBc@25KHz.

    1. the spurs are IBS?

    2.How to eliminate or decrease these spurs?

    Thank you for your reply!

  • HMC704 design?


    I am design a board using HMC704 Pll chip. 

    please refer to the attached Block.


    I  using USB interface board (121726-2) for HMC704 Control.

    when trying to Control  by using the usb interface board, it is said that the usb port in not connector.



  • HMC704 spur


    PFD 100MHz  RF output:8-16GHz

    when i use fractional mode  there is many spurs,and the spur change is dynamic

    1.why fractional mode have spur

    2.why the spur is change,

  • HMC704 Space Reliability

    I was browsing through the parts found on the space catalog here: Space | Analog Devices 

    The HMC704 and HMC700 are listed as PLLs that can be used when clicking the "PLL" button. Unlike other space parts, I do not see the traditional SMD number…

  • HMC704 unlock


    I am using HMC704 in a PLL. The frequency is single frequency, 4000MHz. Reference is 100MHz

    Based on data sheet, I have set N divider to 2 so that the variable divider gets 2000MHz.

    The unit sometime locks. But at low temperatures it does not lock…

  • HMC704 Chip ID

    No matter what I set the gpo_select register (Reg 0Fh[4:0]) to I always get the chip_id (A7975h) output to on pin 4. Does this mean the chip is damaged? I use the same register settings on other chips and the output on pin 4 is what I select by the gpo_select…

  • HMC704的调试



  • hmc704 spur

    REF=80MHz,FPD=80MHz, Fout = 3665M, Nint = 45,The real Nfac value is 24'hD00000,But I set the value is 24'hCFFFF1,

    I find the spur is Near main signal, As shown in the picture;


    It's not like a power spur, when i set the Nfac is 24'hD00000…