• HMC703 Provided Design Files

    I am trying to import the provided PCB design files for the HMC703 eval board into Altium, but Altium seems incapable of importing the provided files (*.pcb). After some google searching, it seems like I need to have access to the Protel software to convert…

  • Sim PLL Time Domain with CP Offset Enabled in HMC703

    The frequency error plot shows a floor with the CP offset enabled in the HMC703 that is not accurate. Here is a plot of frequency settling with an offset of 100uA and a CP of 2.54mA:

    Yet if I zoom in on the phase error, There is zero slope in the last…

  • HMC703 USB interface board schematic


    I want to use hmc703 in project and I don't know how connect HMC703 to CMOS(FPGA or AVR).

    main question is how connect control pins to HMC703  (with resistors or without resistors)

    thanks a lot.

  • Problem Reading HMC703 Registers (other than 0x00)

    I've got a Silicon Labs Giant Gecko hooked to an hmc703lp4e eval board.  I can read the 0x00 register with no issues.  However when I try and read any other registers, I only get the 0x00 reg ID value back. I've tried configuring my SPI bus to both…

  • HMC703 powered with LT3045


    I am trying to generate 7.5GHz with eval board HMC703 with 100MHz reference. When I am power the board using benchtop power supply (R&S HMP4040) I got the phase noise similar to the datasheet.

    however. when I power them with 5V and 12V from eval…

  • Python example code for the PLL Eval Board (HMC703)


      Is there any example python code to control the PLL Eval Board?  I've found some examples that drive the FTDI chip but nothing more specific to the Hittite board.  I'm not familiar with coding that chip and would love a jumping off point.


  • HMC703 Turn On Time

    How soon can the HMC703 PLL IC and AD5001 DIV4 prescalar be functional after they are enabled with a rising edge on the Chip Enable pin? I am considering using them to steer a 10-20G VCO to within +/-4M of final freq in approx 5 usecs; 1-2usec to program…

  • how could i get HMC703 or HMC704 verilog demo?

    how could i get HMC703 or HMC704 verilog demo?I have used the SPi mode to control the Hmc704,but it will unlocked   occasionally after power on。so i need to read the register,but i am not skilled at verilog。

  • Why is there only source current out from HMC703 CP Output?

    Dear engineer


               I'm working with HMC703 to design an optical PLL. However I find that the CP only sources current out. I use an 100 MHz ref and   RF in(frequency around 100 MHz) to test the CP output. When the RF frequency is lower (about 99.9…

  • RE: HMC703

    ADIsimPLL has a chip programming assistant under "Tools" than can help when calculating int/frac values to get a desired output frequency based on your PFD freq