• RE: HMC703LP4E sweep rate

    The HMC703 with HMC732 will work in this application.  With the HMC703 sweep rate set to 10MHz /us I measured the following linearity for a 2-way auto sweep:

    For this to work you must change the default loop BW on the HMC703 eval board.  This was mentioned…

  • HMC703

    Is there any software for quick calculation of register values? Such as for ADF4355 / ADF4356, but for HMC703

  • HMC703

    I use HMC703 and HMC736



    using frac mode

    when i use adisimpll to simulate ,it can't lock

    BW 40KHz 

    phase margin 60

    how can i lock to my frequency

  • HMC703


    I have the HMC703LP4 Evaluation Board and need to perform settling time measurements. Could you please suggest how or where I can trigger on the HMC703LP4 synthesizer evaluation to perform this testing? I am currently using the SEN pin, but that…

  • HMC703

    i use hmc703 , ref=100M pfd=10M  output  2G~3G  integer mode

    the loop filter i designed by adisimpll 

    but when i try to lock the frequency  , i need divde the rf signal  from VCO to pfd by 2 then it can lock ,in this situation ,just like i use pfd=5M to…

  • HMC703 can't be locked


    I am using HMC703 for a design.After powering up the board,I use Hittite USB Interface to make the HMC703 locked first.Then i pull out the SCK,SDI and SEN and connect them to FPGA board.Then I can control the HMC703 by FPGA board,such as changing…

  • RE: HMC703 (PLL) + HMC509 (VCO)

    The -14 dB pad is placed right next to the HMC703.  The [-15, -3] dBm input power specification takes into account S11 at the HMC703 RF input.

  • HMC703 delay between starting of Ramp and Trigger


    I have created a threat ADF4159 delay between Single Sawtooth Burst and TXdata where delay between starting of Ramp and Trigger were observed.

    HMC703 datasheet has a following figure.


    I would like to…

  • RE: HMC703 Output Frequency Range

    The HMC703 rf input can accept frequencies up to 8GHz but you will not find a VCO that can sweep between 0 and 8GHz.   The HMC703 eval board comes with a HMC508 VCO that has a frequency range between 7.3GHz and 8.2GHz.  This VCO also has a divide-by 2 output…

  • HMC703LP4E open mode, gerbers

    Hi Dyoung1,

      I am unclear about the open mode in the HMC703LP4E.  If programming 2 HMC703s on the same board, is open mode the recommended way of programming each chip independently over the SPI?  if the address is fixed for all HMC703s to the same number…