• HMC700


    I'm using the HMC700 with a 2.3 GHz VCO, and a 50 MHz. PFD with a 100khz loop filter. I''m noticing that the output frequency periodically walks up and down by ~1.5 HZ. over a ~19 second time frame. Do you have any idea what might cause this?…

  • HMC700 SPUR

    Can anyone help to analyze the causes and solutions of spur  shown in the attached picture?.

    Using HMC700 + VCO55CC(2350-2750), Active filter Type C, Fpd=52.083MHz, Fref=156.25MHz Crsytek, Fout=2.5GHz. 
    As we decrease the Fpd, the spurs gets nearer…

  • HMC700 phase noise problem

         We are using HMC700 to synthesize our 3rd LO(5.18-5.78GHz) in our L-band upconverter.

    Reference oscillator is 10MHz OCXO with phase noise about -150dBc/Hz at 1kHz.

    I initialize HMC700 writing strobe register(0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x2) to reset part to defaults…

  • 关于HMC700在低温下的问题


  • RE: HMC703 Non Connected pins

    The HMC703 eval board was designed to be backwards compatible with the HMC700.  No connect pins are not connected internally but connect these to ground for best thermal performance.

  • RE: PLL HMC783 Hittite

    The HMC700 series of PLL's are not phase coherent - you may be able to use the ADF5355SD1Z instead as it can achieve phase coherency (phase re-sync) as long as FRAC2 = 0.

  • HMC704 Space Reliability

    I was browsing through the parts found on the space catalog here: Space | Analog Devices 

    The HMC704 and HMC700 are listed as PLLs that can be used when clicking the "PLL" button. Unlike other space parts, I do not see the traditional SMD number…

  • RE: Phase detector of the HMC807LP6CE does not work

    Hello Mr. Kuznetsov,

    Please note that this uses one of our older PLL's and as such the INT and FRAC registers are not double buffered so the change takes place immediately after the write. Please consult the User Guide for additional information regarding…

  • RE: Phase detector of the HMC807LP6CE does not work - 2

    Hi Dmitry, 

    You really should write all registers at power up to initialize them to a known state. When doing so please follow the proper sequence as shown in the evaluation board register files (the sequence listed above is incorrect).

    • I may be able…
  • HMC783(764,765,807) userguide error?

    I'm using HMC783 in my design recently, but I find the user guide of hmc783 is incompatible with it, while it is similar to hmc700 about register discription on Reg 0Dh GPO_SPI_RDIV Register (page A-21). The user guide mentions D1 & D0 pins, but HMC783…