• RE: HMC6981 VGG bias setting.

    Hi Yangfenyan,

                            Yes, according to the data sheet you can bias The HMC6981LS6 from one of the VGG pins. 


    Jim B

  • RE: HMC6981 pins: Vref and Vdef

    Hi Aariana,

                       The VREF and VDET may be left as no connect if they are not being used.


    Jim B

  • HMC6981


    Can I check what will be the recommended op amp part number for the temperature compensating circuitry in the datasheet?

  • Sequencing biasing for HMC6981

    Would like to check if there is any suitable circuitry for the sequencing biasing of HMC6981.

    The Idd limit for HMC980 is only till 1.5A, is it possible to “mod” the HMC980 by putting in additional op amp to increase the Idd?

  • HMC6981 S-parameters value


    I would like to use the HMC6981 amplifier for a K band PCB but i would like to confirm the losses contained in the S-parameters file given in the website.

    Are these values given at the QFN package pads or do they include the TX lines and connector…

  • HMC6981


    The s-parameters for the HMC6981LS6 provided on your web site state that they are measured at the coaxial connectors of the evaluation board. This is not helpful for implementing this device into a design. Do you have s-parameters that are de-embedded…

  • HMC773LC3B - Coupling with PA (HMC6981)


    I am working with RF front end PCB with the HMC773LC3B used for the upconverter on the Tx chain and downconverter on the Rx chain.  The Tx chanin uses the HMC6981 for the power amplifier and is outputing +32dBm at 16GHz.  I am observing that the PA…

  • HMC6981LS6 Psat below 15 GHz

    How does Psat fo HMC6981 behave at frequencies below 15 GHz

  • RE: HMC6981LS6 - Class and Active bias

    Hi Federico,

    I'm sorry for the confusion.

    Yes, the bias class is AB. The data sheet's "vs. Supply Current" plots show the performance for various quiescent supply currents, which I'll call Iddq ('q' for quiescent). For the…

  • RE: HMC6981LS6 biasing issue

    2nd update. I wasn't convinced that we had looked at everything so started checking the board operation with varying duty cycles and prf's. Our 6V is run from a 40V input supply through an LT switching regulator. The regulator is rated at 1A, so my suspicion…