• As for holes on the EVB of HMC675LC3C

    We can see two holes on the EVB of HMC675LC3C. Could you please refer attached file?

    Are ther any reasons or purposes for those holes?

  • RE: HMC675LC3C VCCO and VEE

    Hi Salman,

    Responses are given below;

    why in data sheet's characterization  the vcco is 0V for the output stage while in pin configuration Vcco is positive supply

    Answer: Vcco controls the output common mode level of the CML output and it can typically…

  • COnfusion about LE pins of HMC675LC3C


       I need help regarding HMC675LC3C. I have a confusion.


    I need to give clock at 8.9 GHz at LE pin.In latch enable characteristics, Latch Enable Input Range is from 1.6V to 2.4V. What does this mean? Is this Voh value ? i.e if voltage is between…

  • HMC675LC3C技术手册中的最小脉冲宽度是指什么?