• RE: HMC661 operating temperature

    Confirmed that the HMC661 datasheet is in error. The operating temperature of the HMC661 is -40C to +85C, same as the HMC1061. The datasheet will be corrected.


  • HMC760 / HMC661 Minimum Clock Frequency Limitation?

    Hello Engineer Zone experts,

    If I could get your insights, what really limits the minimum clocking frequency of the HMC760 and HMC661? Is it just the hold-mode droop rate limiting their output to a maximum recommended hold time of 2ns or is there some…

  • interfacing HMC661 with Xilinx Rf SOC ADC

    I want to interface HMC661 with Xilinx Rf SOC ADC (evaluation board zcu111). 

    Output impedance of HMC661 is 50 ohms and Common Mode Output Voltage is 0 volts, 

    Xilinx document number DS926 (table 114) tells input on die termination of ADC = 100 Ohms and common…

  • Power Supply Ripple requirements of HMC661

    I wonder if there is any Power Supply Ripple requirements of HMC661?

  • HMC661 Maximum Input

    Hello dear,

    What maximum safe DC voltage input for HMC661?


  • HMC1061 and HMC661 thermal resistance


    Can you provide the junction-to-case thermal resistance (both top and bottom) of HMC661 and HMC1061?

    Thank you.

  • RE: Configuring phase relationship between two outputs of HMC7044 with Analog fine delay feature

    Thank you! Nice answer! Many datasheets say that analog delay may cause some phase noise degradation. Do anyone know how much is this degradation? how much will it increase jitter? In my application i want to clock track and hold amplifier hmc661 with…

  • RE: 关于采样保持板HMC661LC4B


  • Variable delay line for HMC661 and high speed ADC


    I am planning to use HMC661 and a high speed ADC to capture a ultra narrow pulse (BW>10GHz). I notice that in a document for a similar device (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/technical-articles/track-n-hold_0411.pdf )…