• HMC659LC5

    Can someone tell me please if it is essential to use a bias controller with this part?

    There is no mention on the data sheet.

    I used resistive dividers for generating the +3V Vgg2 and -0.7V Vgg1 voltages and the device seems to work correctly.


  • HMC659LC5, HMC460LC5, HMC981LP3E, HMC980LP4E

    Part Number: HMC659LC5, HMC460LC5, HMC981LP3E, HMC980LP4E



    I'm planning to have these 2 amps and biasing ICs on my design. I need 60 dBc or better isolation between the amplifiers.


    Are there any VDD biasing designs or parts that can achieve…

  • HMC659LC5 : Vgg1 voltage limits


    I like to use the hmc659lc amplifier, but I saw the Vgg1 recommendation between -2V to 0V in order the reach Idd = 300mA, do you have any graph of Idd (Vgg1,Vgg2) that can clarify the specific voltage of Vgg1 and Vgg2?

    Thank you,


  • HMC659LC5 : Vgg2 voltage limits


    We are currently using a HMC659LC5 amplifier and have questions regarding Vgg2 voltage limits.

    By adjusting it between +2V and +4V (lower and higher values specified in the datasheet), the RF gain only changes a little.

    Is it possible to apply a…

  • Dimension of HMC659LC5 Evaluation Board


    Could you please let me know dimension of following items?
    1. HMC659LC5 Evaluation Board. H, W, D (thickness).
    2. Pad size of Vgg1 and Vgg2.

    Best Regards,

  • peak-to-peak output voltage of HMC659LC5


    I have a question on peak-to-peak output voltage of HMC659LC5.

    Considering to use HMC659LC5 as optical modulator driver, applied 2.5Gbps 2.5Vpp to input port. About 9.6Vpp output is observed.
    Condition: Vgg1=-0.75V, Vgg2=4V, Vdd=8V. Output AC…

  • FAQ: Power up sequence for the HMC659LC5

    Q: What is the power up sequence for the HMC659LC5?


    The power-up bias sequence is as follows:

    1. Set VGG1 to −2 V
    2. Set VDD to 8 V
    3. Set VGG2 to 3 V
    4. Adjust VGG1 to achieve IDD for 300 mA  (VGG1 should be approx -0.8V)
    5. Turn on RF

    The power-down sequence…

  • use HMC659LC5 to amplify a negative pulse signal?

    hi guys:

    can I use HMC659LP5 to amplify a negative pulse signal from -0.5V~0V to -7V~0V? The negative pulse is 1.25GHz, the pulse width is 100ps, and the rising edge and falling edge is 30ps. If ok, how to operate the power supply? If not, do you have…

  • What's the parts which are used in HMC659LC5?

    Question 1: Please share manufacturer name and part number of capacitors that are used in application circuit of HMC659 die.
    Question 2: Are SLC (Single Layer Chip) capacitors used in HMC659LC5? If SLC are used, please share manufacturer name, part number…

  • HMC659LC5 AMRs of RF Input Power @ Vdd = +0 Vdc and power up sequence ?

    Hi all,

    Here is the AMR @ datasheet,

    Absolute Maximum Ratings

    RF Input Power (RFIN)(Vdd = +8 Vdc) : +20 dBm

    How about is RF Input Power @ the Vdd = +0 Vdc, no power supply ?
    And how about is the three power supplies sequence, Vdd(+), Vgg2=(+), Vgg1…