• RE: Symbol & Footprint Request - HMC642ALC5 & HMC424ALH5

    bxl files are not readily available 

    Please refer to the evalboard of HMC624ALC5 and HMC424ALC5. 

    Landing patterns of these parts could be coppied from gerber files. 

    EVAL-HMC424ALH5 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    EVAL-HMC642A Evaluation Board | Analog…

  • HMC424ALP3E and HMC642ALC5 S-parameters


    I would like to get S-parameters for the HMC424ALP3E and HMC642ALC5. Could anyone provide it here? Thank you in advance.



  • HMC642ALC5 Phase Shift Speed


    HMC642LC5 does not have speed of phase shift in a datasheet specs, while another phase shifters manufacturers provide the spec as 45-50 ns. Could you please provide the speed of phase shift in HMC642? Do you plan to include the spec in the datasheet…