I am wondering if is possible to run the HMC641ALP4E with a positive + 5 volt supply instead of the specified negative 5 volts. Is there any reason why the grounds couldn't be connected to a +5 volt supply and the control lines pulled between…

  • Request new datasheet of HMC641ALP4


    My customer used HMC641LP4, but this device is EOL now.

    So they are considering the use of HMC641ALP4 which is a recommended replacement PN from ADI.

    But in ADI web.,old datasheet of HMC641LP4 is existed only.

    So I need new datasheet of HMC641ALP4…

  • HMC547ALP3E RFC connected to HMC641ALP4E RFC with no AC coupling cap, weird insertion loss behavior

    I have a fan-out circuit suing a HMC547 (to select src or cap) connected via RFC to a HMC641 to mux out to 4 lines

    The board has AC coupling caps on all the RF inputs but the RFCs are connected together DC coupled (oversight)

    I am getting weird issues…

  • RE: Reliability Information


    Thanks for the reply. I did not get FIT and MTBF values of the devices HMC547LP3E and HMC641ALP4E as the qualification test reports for these devices are not opening ... For the rest, I got MTBF and FIT values.

    Please provide the FIT and MTBF values…

  • HMC641ALC4 Maximum input power


    I have a question about maximum input power at Hot Switching of HMC641ALC4. As for HMC641ALP4E, the maximum input power at Hot Switching is defined in the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING of the datasheet. On the other hand, as for HMC641ALC4, it is not…

  • RE: HMC424ALP3E and HMC642ALC5 S-parameters

    Ok, Kagan


    Could you please check for S-parameters for HMC641ALP4E as well?

    Best Regards,

    Sergey Pavlov

  • HMC641

    Question on the HMC641 (we are using legacy HMC641LC4 parts), what is the typical, and the "minimum" & "maximum" digital control input current, for both I(INL) & I(INH)? How does the input maximum current rating vary as a function…

  • Reliability Information

    we need reliability information for the following devices .. Please provide the MTBF and FIT rate for the devices mentioned below:

    i) HMC939LP4E

    ii) HMC547LP3E

    iii) HMC460LC5

    iv) HMC641ALP4E

    v) HMC981LP3E.