• HMC641ALC4 P1dB

    What maximum power can be applied to the input of the HMC641ALC4 in the working frequency band 1kHz-70MHz?
    What is the value of P1dB at 1kHz-70MHz?

  • Driving HMC641ALC4


    I am using the HMC641 SP4T switch in a wide band application. and I can't use the floting  ground driver techniques.

    So, I'am looking for an positif Driver for HMC641ALC4.

    Have you an  positive controlled SP4T in your catalog ?

    Best …

  • HMC641ALC4 Maximum input power


    I have a question about maximum input power at Hot Switching of HMC641ALC4. As for HMC641ALP4E, the maximum input power at Hot Switching is defined in the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING of the datasheet. On the other hand, as for HMC641ALC4, it is not…

  • Blocking caps for HMC641ALC4

    The HMC641ALC4 datasheet states that blocking caps are required on the HMC641ALC4 inputs if the RF line potential is not equal to 0V, yet the part is specified down to DC.

    What does AD mean by "RF line potential" and what value of blocking cap would…

  • Queries about HMC641LC4 vs HMC641ALC4


    We are currently using HMC641LC4 for our project and come to realise that this part is no longer supported for future production.

    The recommended replacement part is HMC641ALC4 instead according to the Hittite website.

    A few queries:

    1. What…
  • HMC641ALC4 vs ALP4 vs A-DIE frequency range ?

    Hi all,

    What is the lower input frequency limit @ HMC641ALC4 ?
    In the datasheet, the specifications is covering DC to 20 GHz.

    We think, this "DC" means the low frequency, equal 100MHz~.

    Is it corect ?

    Best regards,


  • RE: I am using the HMC641 SP4T switch in a new design. A parameter of interest to me is Output to output isolation. This is not explicit in the data sheet (although may be implied by the common to output on/off ratio). The downloaded s5p file indicates...

    H John,

    Sorry for the late reply to this inquiry. As discussed in my separate email to you earlier, the HMC641LC4 is not recommended for new design and will soon be replaced by our released HMC641ALC4. Attached is the de-embedded s5p files for the HMC641ALC4…

  • HMC641


    I'm looking at the thermal specs for the HMC641ALC4 and need some help with clarification of the parameters. On page 3 of the HMC641 data sheet it shows the following:

    Thermal Resistance Channel to die bottom

    Insertion Loss Path  201 °C/…