• HMC8402-DIE S-Parameter


    What is the impact of the measurement method on HMC8402-DIE S-Parameter values?

    I found a similar question and replies about HMC-AUH312. (please refer to the following URL)


     Is it OK to assume…

  • AD777x: How can the temperature of the die be calculated?

    In the datasheet the equation to calculate the temperature can be found.
    This equation calculates the temperature rise referred to 25°C, so to calculate the absolute temperature it is necessary to add 25° to the previous equation:
    The DVbe…
  • ADAU1451WBCPZ - Unconnected IO from die to IC pin

    Could you please confirm that whether the DSP(ADAU1451WBCPZ) has  unconnected I/O which is physically on the die but not bonded to pins.
    Please provide the information as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance

  • AD8515: Die size

    Are these dies AD8515 and OP284CHIPS smaller than 1 x 1 mm²? That would be an
    absolute max for us.


    1. The OP284CHIPS has a die size of 1.620 mm x 2.301 mm.
    2. The AD8515 has a die size of 0.660 mm x 0.920 mm.

    Therefore only the…
  • AD9277 in die form?

    We would like to use AD9277 for a new design, an ultrasonic test equipment for
    material testing. High integration level and space saving are important aspects
    therefore the preferred component would be AD9277 in bare die (if available),

  • AD825 die backside connection

    I have no indication on Backside connection.
    Which potential should I connect the backside of the AD825 die?


    You should not connect die backside. Please let die backside float.

  • Can I obtain the AD592C's die pads xy coordinates for wire bonding in an LTCC module?

    Can I obtain the AD592C’s die pads xy coordinates for wire bonding in an LTCC


    The AD592 die pads coordinates are :

    X= 593um, Y= 105um

    X= 593um, Y= -318um

  • Will you provide in Die ? so that we can integrate on our SOIC

  • RE: Pluto SDR in Ethernet Adaptor Mode Randomly Has Adaptor Die

    Hi  ,

    Sorry for the delay; I finally had some time to test this out.  I followed the instructions at the link and it seems to work!  I ran a 4 day test where I left the SSH terminal to the Pluto open and not once did the USB NIC die. Thank you…

  • Aol G differences OpAmp to Opamp on same die, same for BW

    In parts that have multiples of OpAmps on the same die, in the same package, what can one expect

    the Aol and BW differences will be one OpAmp to another ? In rough percentages.....?

    Regards, Dana.