• ADF4159 and HMC6380 VCO


    I intend to generate a sawtooth waveform (freq from 8GHz to 8.5GHz using the HMC6380LC4B VCO

    Can this be achieved without the use of an op amp?


  • hmc702 hmc6380 not included in ADIsimPLL


    The library files of ADIsimPLL do not include HMC702 HMC6380

    request to update the library files.

    Thanks and Regards


  • RE: HMC588LC4BTR two die code

    Hi there, 

    I will respond to you via email. 

    Please note that the HMC588 is being discontinued and is currently at a ‘Last Time Buy’ status in its life cycle. The performance is essentially the same as our octave bandwidth HMC6380 which uses the same package…

  • RE: 寻求HMC833,ADF5355类似的产品,在DC-15GHz内,锁频时间在1ms内的RF产品

    ADI 集成的PLL_VCO目前到13.6GHz。可以采用分离原件,最好的PLL+宽带VCO。HMC704+HMC6380是比较好的选择。

  • 12/16/2015: Full RF Signal Chains from 0Hz to 110GHz

    Presenter: Mel Conway, Product Manager, Instrumentation, High-speed & RF and Precision


    This webcast will explain ADI's new and expanded RF capabilities since the acquisition Hittite Microwave. We will give examples of the wider frequency spectrum…

  • 【在线研讨会讲义PPT下载】从0Hz到110GHz的全频谱RF信号链

    此次在线研讨会阐释了自收购Hittite Microwave后ADI的全新及扩展的RF能力。我们会举例说明ADI涵盖的更宽频谱范围及其真DC的重要性。信号链外的性能同样至关重要,展示低噪声、高稳定性控制和电源元件如何改善总体RF信号性能,并将讨论完整的信号链示例。

    主要讨论天线到比特和比特到天线,信号链覆盖,即刚才提到的从真正的DC 0 Hz到110 GHz的频谱覆盖。 我会简要介绍其中涉及到的各类设备。


  • RE: 36GHz RF oscillation signal source

    You need a PLL which drives a frequency doubler which drives an amplifier. Possible choices might be ADF4371 (PLL),  HMC1105 (frequency doubler) and HMC7229 (amplifier). These are not the only choices.