• RE: ADF4159 and HMC6380 VCO

    In general yes it can be possible to use a wide tuning range VCO without an active loop filter but only if the intended VCO frequencies to be used cause the voltage tuning range to be on the lower end and within the PLLs CP voltage range. 

    Looking at the…

  • hmc702 hmc6380 not included in ADIsimPLL


    The library files of ADIsimPLL do not include HMC702 HMC6380

    request to update the library files.

    Thanks and Regards


  • RE: 寻求HMC833,ADF5355类似的产品,在DC-15GHz内,锁频时间在1ms内的RF产品

    ADI 集成的PLL_VCO目前到13.6GHz。可以采用分离原件,最好的PLL+宽带VCO。HMC704+HMC6380是比较好的选择。

  • RE: HMC588LC4BTR two die code

    Hi there, 

    I will respond to you via email. 

    Please note that the HMC588 is being discontinued and is currently at a ‘Last Time Buy’ status in its life cycle. The performance is essentially the same as our octave bandwidth HMC6380 which uses the same package…

  • Can someone please recommend a replacement for the HMC588LC4B VCO that is now listed as 'Last Time Buy' and scheduled for obsolescence?

    The HMC588 was the first wideband VCO designed and since then there are products that easily cover the frequency range with equivalent or better performance. The HMC6380 is an ideal replacement part since the package and pinout are identical providing…

  • 【在线研讨会讲义PPT下载】从0Hz到110GHz的全频谱RF信号链

    此次在线研讨会阐释了自收购Hittite Microwave后ADI的全新及扩展的RF能力。我们会举例说明ADI涵盖的更宽频谱范围及其真DC的重要性。信号链外的性能同样至关重要,展示低噪声、高稳定性控制和电源元件如何改善总体RF信号性能,并将讨论完整的信号链示例。

    主要讨论天线到比特和比特到天线,信号链覆盖,即刚才提到的从真正的DC 0 Hz到110 GHz的频谱覆盖。 我会简要介绍其中涉及到的各类设备。