• HMC637


    We have been testing the HMC637ALP5E amplifier evaluation board, having set up the amplifier with the bias at the output we have observed that the amplifier is not drawing any current. Adjusting the negative voltage on Vgg1 between -3.0V and 0V…

  • RE: HMC980 and HMC637 Bias İssue


    We do not have models for AWR. We have ADIsimRF and KS Genesys models for ~100 RF amplifiers.

    We do not have any models for HMC980LP4E. We have an application note on bias controllers though, AN-1363. It has additional information on these parts…

  • RE: HMC637 / HMC637A eval board

    Hi Bill,

    Yes the HMC637ALP5E part, bypass CAPs, RF connectors and DC pins are mounted on the EVB. But external bias tee is required to test the part. External connectorized bias-tees are also used during lab data collection for the datasheet, which is…

  • RE: HMC980 and HMC637A bias issue

    Hi Suresh,

    Without seeing the schematic for your board design and how you're testing the part, it's very difficult to say why you're having problems. Can you provide a scope plot showing the following lines while triggering on the ENABLE pin going from…

  • HMC980

    I want to use the HMC980 bias controller with HMC637 amplifier in a pulse mode operation. I see the turn on is in the region milli seconds. Is there a way to switch on fast (tens of us)? Thank you

  • urgent support required for HMC637LP5E biasing voltage


    I made a  6  custom board  based on HMC637 PA and HMC920 bias circuit , two of them are working well but the others  didn't work and have strange behavior 

    the first one Vgate  stucked to -1.5V VDRAIN =0.7V  (  when i remove the PA the vdrain =12.2 volts…

  • HMC637ALP5E bias tee issue

    Hello everyone

    I checked HMC637 amplifier datasheet and there is application circuit in datasheeet same as below .. but I didnt see any bias tee circuit in

    reference evaluation pcb in datasheet also..what is the best approach for bias tee(note 1) or…

  • HMC637LP5E solder void % on exposed ground paddle


    I've encountered 4 failed cases with HMC637LP5E in recent NPI. With all biasing and sequencing and input/output impedance matching confirmed to be fine. Only two things to look at are;

    1. Effects of solder void on thermal dissipation on the…

  • HMC637LP5 Output Match Question

    I am having a repeated failure with the HMC637LP5E that is proving tricky to isolate. I think that the cause could be instability at the output side.

    The amplifier is used from 20MHz to 500MHz in this application. On the input side I have a small value…