• HMC635LC4, I am using two of these amplifiers cascaded.

    I currently have two setups with the same components and in one of the setups I am experiencing some type of oscillation since these amplifiers do not deliver the typical gain. The only difference between the setups is the layout, distance between components…

  • HMC635LC4 85C Data

    Do you have gain and P1dB data for the HMC635LC4 at 85C?  Would the part work at 90C?

  • HMC635LC4 Bias

    I have at least 2 amplifiers in which I can't adjust IDQ to 280 mA.  On my initial bias I set Vg1/Vg2 = -2 Volts and Vd= 5V. As I increase Vg1/Vg2 to around -.25 V, Id ~120 mA . I’m afraid to bring Vg any more positive without burning out the parts.…

  • HMC635LC4


    Can you supply temperature data for the HMC635LC4  Vgsq Vs. temperature. If I set IDQ = 280 mA for at 25 C how much will VGS have to change  to maintain IDS =280 mA at 80 C. How much will VGS have to change to maintain IDS=280 MA at T=-20C?

  • Biasing HMC635LC4


    could you please give me an example biasing circuit for the power amplifier HMC635LC4 with e.g. an HMC920LP5E?

    I do not understand where the negative voltage for the power amplifier Vgg1 = Vgg2, which has to be in the range -2V to 0V, comes from…

  • HMC635LC4


    Could you please provide the following items for the HMC635 Eval Board PN 122763-HMC635LC4:

    1.) The data sheet mentions that the PCB material should be Rogers 4350 or Arlon 25FR. Could you please tell me which one these the is actually used…

  • Footprint modifications to HMC635LC4 for 40 GHz operation?

    I am trying to use the HMC635LC4 amplifier up to 40 GHz, and noticed the comment at the end of page 6 on the datasheet stating that a custom PCB footprint and solder stencil are required for this design.  Does anyone have any information regarding the…

  • RE: AGC working at high frequency

    We have a couple of applications notes available on our website, CN-0050 (ADL5330, AD8318) and CN-0082 (ADL5331 and AD8319), that deal with this problem. I'm just using these for reference, as they operate in the 1GHz to 2GHz range, lower than what you…

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  • RE: 36GHz RF oscillation signal source

    You need a PLL which drives a frequency doubler which drives an amplifier. Possible choices might be ADF4371 (PLL),  HMC1105 (frequency doubler) and HMC7229 (amplifier). These are not the only choices.