• HMC631 Advanced Design System Model


    I am currently doing a work on Analog SI Cancellers and I encountered the HMC631 vector modulator. Can I request for a model of the HMC631 that is compatible to use with Advanced Design System by Keysight Technologies for simulation purposes. Thank…

  • HMC631 - implementation (BALUN)


    We are working on an RF Canceller using the HMC631.

    The evaluation PCB included a small list of components.

    In this list, the Balun, ANAREN BD1722J50100A is employed at the RF input to create balanced 100 ohm input signal.

    However, this Balun…

  • 矢量调制器hmc631


  • Strange performance of HMC631 Vector Modulator

    I've got the HMC631 eval board and I've noticed that it's performance is significantly different than what the datasheet specifies.

    The issue is with respect to the I and Q voltages - per the datasheet and ref these should be ranging around…

  • HMC631 I/Q Voltages Off?

    I'm using the HMC631 evaluation board and having some strange issues:

    1)  The minimum gain point should nominally be at I=1.5v and Q=1.5v (perhaps +/-100mV), I followed the application note to try to find the true Vmi/Vmq values, but it didn't look…

  • 矢量调制器HMC631


  • RE: HMC631 Matching

    Hi Kagan,

    The initial bench testing using the HMC631 has been completed. An accepted journal on this research work is in the link below.


    We are currently working on designing an integrated RF transceiver on-board…

  • HMC631 Eval Board BOM

    I am planning to fabricate my own application circuit of HM631. There is an available list of materials from the datasheet of HMC631. Is it possible to request a more detailed list of materials especially in the capacitors and inductors used by indicating…

  • HMC631电气特性为什么两组数据

    这几天在看HMC631的数据手册,电气特性的每一个ITEM都有两组数据。比如frequency range这一项

                                   Min   type    Max        Min  type   Max                   unit

    frequency range           1.8-2.2                        2.2-2.7                        GHZ


  • RE: HMC631 - Questions on Routing to 64 Devices


    We are currently evaluating the HMC631 HBT Vector Modulator (VM) performance for a full duplex transceiver using the Evaluation board sent by Hittite/Analog devices.

    The VM's VNA measurements are as expected with respect to gain and phase changes…