• HMC6300


    I'd like to know if the External LO and the Baseband I & Q pins on the HMC6300 can be driven single ended, and if so what is the recommended circuit?  Also what kind of performance degradation can I expect if I use it single ended?


  • HMC6300


    Could you please recommended a source for the Horn Antenna shown in figure 10 of UG-1031, for the EK1HMC6350 eval platform?


  • HMC6300

    Hi all,

    Can anyone provide a default config file containing the register values required to operate with HMC6300 with just the internal synth at some arbitrary frequency? I'm having difficulty programming the chip to output anything. I'm not sure if…

  • RE: HMC6300, HMC6301 Details not found on datasheet


    The receiver sensitivity will be determined by the following:

    • Signal bandwidth
    • SNR requirements of the modem and modulation

    The HMC6300/6301 provide 1.8 GHz of usable BW

    The data rate will be determined by the signal bandwidth, modulation…

  • RE: HMC6000 & HMC6001

    Hi Victor,

    The HMC6000/6001 bare die have been replaced by the HMC6300/6301 packaged parts.  The HMC6300/6301 can be used for FMCW radar applications.



  • HMC6350 for radar application

    Hello. I am Junseuk

    I want to use HMC6301 & HMC6300 daughter boards and HMC6350 mother board for 60 GHz radar application.

    Is it available to connect one HMC6301 & one HMC6300 board to one mother board together?

    Also, is it possible to control…

  • HMC6300, HMC6301 Register information


    I want to use HMC6300 as CW generator.

    HMC6350(Eval board) has BB_I&BB_P input for HMC6300. It has also DC block capacitor. So when I use only CW tone using HMC6300,

    what is needed for the BB input port? 50ohm termination?

    additionally, can…

  • HMC7044 LVDS level compatibility with HMC6300/01


    I am using HMC7044 for clocking HMC6300/6301 ICs. HMC6300/01 datasheets give the REFCLK requirement as 2.5V or 3.3V LVPECL/LVDS. I am planning to use LVDS clocking.

    Hence I want to know if HMC7044 LVDS output levels are compatible with HMC6300/01…

  • HMC6300 in FMCW radar

    Is HMC6300/HMC6301 suitable for FMCW radar application? We have external source which can generate frequency sweep for example 200MHz to 900MHz. I would like to know that could HMC6300 be used to upconvert it to 60GHz and HMC6301 to downcorvert back to…

  • RE: HMC6300 BB I&Q


    The maximum bandwidth supported by the HMC6300 is 1.8 GHz so the max baseband frequency is 900 MHz for both I and Q.

    The HMC6300 I/Q common node voltage is 1.6Vdc, it's listed in table 3 of the datasheet.  The inputs do need to be AC coupled…