• HMC625B RF Amp Bias Voltage


    I'm concerned about current consumption in my design, Is it possible to reduce the Vs voltage supply to the gain stage (Pin 29) on this device to 3.3V?  Datasheet only states a maximum.  Is a plot of gain vs bias voltage available?


  • EVAL-HMC625B development kit output not working.

    Hey all,

    I am trying to run the development kit EVAL-HMC625B for integrating the HMC625B in to my project.

    I connected the card as described in the picture and I inject a sine signal with a frequency of 10M Hz and an ampltude of 1V ptp.

    At the output of…

  • HMC625B for low frequency application


    I would like to know if the HMC625B can be used from 10kHz. I planed to use this part in a broadband transmitter from 10Khz to 1Ghz. The title of the datasheet mentioned the frequency range from DC to 5GHz, but according to the curves in datasheet…

  • RE: HMC625B Reliaiblity


    All these multiple dies are in the same product package .. So every part that gets shipped for HMC625B has these same set of multiple dies. This part is a MMIC which is a digital controlled VGA and has different modules/ ICs  in it.. hope this hel…

  • HMC625B - Thermal Inputs (Thermal Resistance Values)


    I would like to know the Max Junction Temperature, Junction to Case Thermal Resistance, Junction to Board Thermal Resistance and Junction to Ambient Thermal Resistance for HMC625B. I'm not able to find the values in the data sheet.


  • HMC625B RF input power

    Hi there,

    I'm using HMC625B in the receiver after gain block. Could you help to answer some questions.

    1. The datasheet notes that RF input power is 11.5dBm. Is this tested under 0dB gain condition or max gain condition?

    2. In some cases, the CW input…

  • 关于HMC625B的带宽问题





  • RE: The bandwidth of HMC625B

    Hi Rob,

    The signal I want to apply HMC625B is not a clock signal but a sequence pattern. Thus there might be long duration of 'one' or 'zero' voltage level. I want to use the HMC625B because the jitter and rising/falling edge of this signal…

  • HMC625B S parameter file support

    Does anyone know where I can download S parameter file for HMC625 variable gain amp?


  • RE: Ask questions about ADL5240

    HI Jerry,

    You can check HMC742A and HMC625B if it meets your requirement.

    The best way to check the cascaded performance vs. DSA Attenuation is by ADIsimRF. There are two model for ADL5240, ADL5240AMP and ADL5240DSA. You can select ADL5240DSA at different…