• HMC625增益控制


  • A replacement for HMC625 (0.5 dB LSB GaAs MMIC 6-BIT DIGITAL VARIABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER, DC - 6 GHz)


    Can anyone recommend a good replacement for this chip? I can accept layout changes, I just want similar performance.


    I'd welcome pushing the upper frequency up to 7GHz or higher…

  • SPI interfaces for Daisy chain

    We have daisy chain 8 VGA connection with SPI interfacing which serially connects (find the attachment for four VGA connection example) serial-in and Serial-out likewise from MOSI to MISO if we want to do populate data we have to populate 8x6 = 48-bit…

  • HMC625B RF Amp Bias Voltage


    I'm concerned about current consumption in my design, Is it possible to reduce the Vs voltage supply to the gain stage (Pin 29) on this device to 3.3V?  Datasheet only states a maximum.  Is a plot of gain vs bias voltage available?


  • HMC625BLP5E Pinout Connections


    In reading the datasheet for the HMC625, there is a bit of vague information.  If I plan on using the SPI interface only to control the gain, is it possible to leave D0-D6 unconnected?  Are there internal pullups or pulldowns on any of these signals…

  • RE: The bandwidth of HMC625B

    Hi Wenzhe,

    The HMC625 cannot be used at DC. Can you send me a block diagram of the clock signal chain you are trying to develop? Also, what is the clock frequency you are trying to amply?



  • HMC625B S parameter file support

    Does anyone know where I can download S parameter file for HMC625 variable gain amp?


  • HMC625ALP5E vs HMC625HFLP5E


    We have previously used the HMC625HFLP5E (now marked obsolete).

    The alternative part HMC625ALP5E is mostly the same except for the addition of the ACG1 - ACG6 pins (where previously they were N/C).

    The datasheet suggests these be connected…