• RE: Single-Ended Operation for HMC611LP4

    Hi there,

    Your understanding is basically correct. Input is differential, but can be driven single-ended as shown in the datasheet Evaluation PCB Schematic. Note each RF input pin requires a DC blocking capacitor, which is the function of C1 and C2 on…

  • Questions about the function of R13 in HMC611LP4 Evaluation PCB


    My customer will use HMC611LP4 and is reviewing the datasheet now.

    In the datasheet,they have some questions.

    Please refer below circuit diagram and their questions.

    Q1) Would you let me know the exact function of R13(180 ohm) in below Pig.1…

  • On the HMC611LP4, how does the temperature sensor pin (Pin 3) work?

    The HMC611LP4's Pin 3 provides a buffered PTAT temperature sensor output with a typical performance plot shown in the attached figure. The slope of the Temperature sensor output is 2.2mV/C and the typical value of the output voltage is 600mV at 0C.…

  • HMC602 & HMC611 Temp Sensor Specs

    The HMC602LP4, HMC611, and HMC611LP4 log detector parts have a built-in temperature sensor but the datasheets don't have any specs on them.  What is the sensitivity of this sensor and what is the sensor's typical output at given temperature lik…

  • RE: How to choose the detector chip?

    Thank you for your answer. I have found a log detector product HMC611LP4 which has a larger dynamic range than AD8317, is this ok?

  • HMC611LP4E Input Power Reference

    For the LOGOUT Voltage vs. Input Power plots in the HMC611LP4 datasheet, is this input power delivered to at the matching network (J1 on the application schematic), or is it the power delivered at Pin 3?

  • HMC611LP4E Input power range


    I have a question about HMC611LP4E.

    (1) Is there a spec value of P1dB?
      (Or input power range that can maintain linearity)

    (2)Is there any sample variation data for each IC regarding the output voltage with respect to the input power?

    Best regards…