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  • RE: HMC6000 & HMC6001

    Hi Victor,

    The HMC6000/6001 bare die have been replaced by the HMC6300/6301 packaged parts.  The HMC6300/6301 can be used for FMCW radar applications.



  • HMC6001


    I'm searching for a E band receiver. I found the HMC6001 chip, but apparently it is obsolete.

    Is there any replacement solution or is it possible to get this product?

    Thank you

  • Question for HMC6000/HMC6001/HMC6300/HMC6301/HMC6450


    One of my customer is interested in HMC6000/HMC6001 for sensor unit of the automatic door. I already informed them HMC6000/HMC6001 is in EOL status and HMC6300/HMC6301 will be released insted of them. Could you let me know some information below…

  • RE: Looking for a configurable/programmable 60GHZ transceiver


    The HMC6000 and HMC6001 have been replaced by the HMC6300 and HMC6301, datasheets are available on the web.  A complete demo kit is also available, EK1HMC6350.



  • Question about GUI for HMC6000/6001 Eva. kit


    Our customer is using Evaluation Kit of HMC6000 and HMC6001, and he has some questions about the GUI.

    (1) Is "BB LF Corner" control on the GUI for HMC6001 corresponding to ROW3<4:5>? If yes, the GUI doesn't match to datasheet…

  • Question about Eva. kit of HMC6000



    We have received some questions from our customer about evaluation kit of HMC6000 and HMC6001. Could you please support us?


    Our customer has been using the evaluation kit of HMC6000 and HMC6001 and has some troubles about the Eva. kit of…

  • RE: Hittite HMC6000LP711C Transmitter

    I would want to know as following. I will also past the email at the website you sent to me. The following photo is the circuit provided in the document of HMC6000 & 6001.

    1. what kind of oscillator used in HMC6000  and HMC6001?

    2. What kind of…

  • HMC6000/6001 Alternative parts

    Hello ADI team.

    My customer is considering to use HMC6000/6001 but these's status are had already been Last time buy.

    Is there the alternative part for HMC6000 and HMC6001? If there is no, is it necessary to design individual parts?

  • RE: HMC6000


    How can I get further guidance and application notes to use HMC6000/HMC6001 in AM/FM/FSK/MSK waveforms directly on-chip?  I am interesting in these modes.